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Article: Toolbox: Big Zoom Compacts

While interchangeable-lens cameras offer superior versatility and image quality, there's a lot to be said in praise of fixed-lens, compact cameras, particularly those with extreme zoom capabilities.

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Article: March/April 2013

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Article: Instant Portrait Studio

Ever thought of opening your own portrait studio?

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Article: Nikon 1 V2


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Article: Toolbox: Optical Filters for Black & White

The limited palette of black-and-white photography distills the world around us to rich hues and subtle silver tones

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Article: Toolbox: Cloud Storage

Long-term archival solutions are problematic.

Also labeled: How To, Storage

Article: Hybrid AF

Phase-detection AF, used in DSLRs for non-live-view shooting, is quick and very good at tracking moving subjects.

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Article: 2013 Editors' Choice Awards

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Article: Storage Solutions

A smart photo-backup strategy is one of the best investments you can make.

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Article: Tablets

Remember that unwieldy seven-pound laptop you used to haul with you as part of your photo gear?

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Article: Continuous Lights For Still & Video

Continuous lighting solutions have seen a lot more attention over the last few years thanks to the need for a constant light source that will provide illumination for both stills and video.

Also labeled: Flash and Lighting

Article: Studio Strobes

When people refer to a monolight or a strobe, they're talking about a light that produces a short, but very powerful burst of light for illuminating a scene or a subject and, when used to their maximum abilities, for freezing the actions of a subject...

Also labeled: Flash and Lighting

Article: Flash & Accessories

There are more choices to consider than your camera maker's dedicated system flash, as well.

Also labeled: Flash and Lighting

Article: Premium Compacts

For many photo opportunities, compact "superzoom" cameras are the perfect blend of size and performance, combining DSLR features with a versatile, big-range zoom lens. ...

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Article: 2013 Buyer's Guide Resources


Article: Essential Accessories

Figuring out the right camera and lens probably takes up most of the time you spend thinking about gear.

Also labeled: Accessories

Article: Software

These applications excel at importing and organizing your photo library, but they do a lot more, including RAW processing and the essential adjustments you'll make to most images

Also labeled: Software

Article: Video Microphones

Sound presents unique challenges to both photographers and videographers alike, especially when working with the limited capabilities of a DSLR's built-in microphone system. ...

Also labeled: Microphones

Article: Camera Supports

Using the right support system can make all the difference between a blurry and a sharp photo or shaky and smooth video clips.

Also labeled: Tripods and Supports

Article: Canon EOS 1D X

Canon has long produced two versions of its flagship EOS-1-series pro DSLRs: an EOS-1 model with an APS-H (1.3x crop) sensor and high frame rate, and a high-megapixel, full-frame model with even better image quality.

Also labeled: Cameras, DSLRs

Article: Top 10 Tips For Camera Buyers

Digital technology hasn't only transformed the way we take photographs, but also created an explosion of camera options.

Also labeled: Cameras, DSLRs

Article: Using A Teleconverter

Supertelephoto lenses are really expensive, but worth it for those who can afford the cost, due to their superb optics and AF performance, and fast maximum apertures.

Also labeled: Lenses

Article: Master Your Flash

Flashes have never been so powerful.

Also labeled: Flash and Lighting

Article: September/October 2012

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Article: Toolbox: Must-Have Optical Filters

Digital technology and software have given us enormous control over our images that we didn't have in the wet darkroom, and they have made photography more playful, too.

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Article: Tools For Lighting Outdoor Portraits

When working with natural light, the singular light source of the sun is difficult to control.

Also labeled: Flash and Lighting

Article: July/August 2012

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Article: Water Armour

Hanging out at the pool or on the beach is a rite of summer. It's also a perfect time for expanding your photographic creativity as long as you have the right kind of gear for protecting your camera. ...

Also labeled: Accessories

Article: Contour+

Want to capture high-quality video of the action—and still be a part of it?

Also labeled: Cameras, Video Cameras

Article: Olympus OM-D E-M5

Olympus has a thing for classic cameras, and we like it.

Also labeled: Cameras, DSLRs

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