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Article: Portable Studio

I spend much of my year traveling the globe creating images, from shooting editorial assignments in remote Honduran jungles to teaching photo workshops in the shifting sands of the Gobi Desert.

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Article: January/February 2010

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Article: Use Your Head

Maybe the most important part of your tripod is the head. That’s why many tripod makers give you options, and most tripod designs have removable heads so you can switch them out or upgrade.

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Article: Digital Graduated Filters

Back in the age of film, I carried several graduated neutral-density filters. They were both hard to pronounce and hard to use. ...

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Article: Basic Tech: HD Video And Autofocus

If, the first time you picked up an HD video-enabled DSLR, you blasted full-speed ahead into figuring out how to shoot video without reading the owner’s manual (as I did), you were undoubtedly surprised to discover how poorly your camera focused (as I...

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Article: Secrets Of Black & White

In recent years, black-and-white has gained new attention and appreciation. Software makers are offering increasingly capable tools for custom black-and-white conversions, and most photo printers address the unique needs of black-and-white printing...

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Article: 2010 Editors’ Choice Awards

For Nikon shooters, there’s a lot to like about the AF-S DX Nikkor 10-24mm ƒ/3.5-4.5G ED superwide zoom.

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Article: Alien Skin Snap Art 2

Sometimes a photograph is better looking as a painting. But instead of busting out a brush and palette, let Alien Skin Software’s Snap Art 2 do the work for you.

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Article: The ISO Advantage

I recently returned from photographing brown bears along the Katmai coast of Alaska.

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Article: Photoshop Elements 8

Photoshop is the gold standard for image enhancement, but for many photographers, it’s overkill. Adobe’s Photoshop Elements, now up to version 8, focuses on the best tools Photoshop has for typical adjustments and distills them into simple steps for...

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Article: November/December 2009

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Article: Pentax K-X

The Pentax K-x is an entry-level D-SLR featuring a 12.4-megapixel CMOS sensor that turns out images measuring up to 4288x2848 pixels.

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Article: Photographer’s Toolbox

All that’s really needed to take a solid photograph is a camera and lens. But it’s all of those extra gadgets and tools that really end up boosting your images from good to creative, exciting and dramatic.

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Article: Flash & Lighting

For capturing exciting images and well-balanced exposures, a flash is an indispensable tool that can greatly expand the creative possibilities and quality of your photography.

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Article: Lenses

Ask most pros which they’d rather have: an entry-level camera with a top-of-the-line lens or a rudimentary lens on a top-of-the-line camera.

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Article: Canon EOS Rebel T1i

Canon’s original Digital Rebel was the first D-SLR to sell for under $1,000, and the latest Rebel T1i continues to push the segment forward. It features Canon’s powerful DIGIC 4 processor to enhance image quality, operating speed and battery life. In...

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Article: Pocket Cameras

There are two types of photographs: the kind we set out with the intention to make and the kind that happen when we’re doing other things. ...

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Article: Advanced Compacts

Interchangeable-lens cameras offer the most options for creative control, but don’t count out the capabilities of the advanced fixed-lens cameras.

Also labeled: Cameras, Compacts

Article: How To Buy A Camera

"Which camera should I buy?” When you’re an editor of a photo magazine, you get this question a lot. The asker wants you to respond with a specific make and model (as if there’s only one “good” camera that insiders know) and is disappointed when you...

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Article: Support Your Gear

Even if you have very steady hands and a stabilized lens or camera, for the sharpest images possible, using a tripod or other camera support is the only surefire solution.

Also labeled: Tripods and Supports

Article: Smart Cameras

Cameras have always been impressive devices, magic boxes that can capture moments we can then enjoy forever. But today’s cameras are really amazing.

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Article: Nikon D5000

Nikon’s second HD movie-capable D-SLR, the economy-priced D5000 shares many of the D90’s features, yet lists for $270 less.

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Article: September/October 2009

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Article: A Traveler’s Lens

To outfit my first SLR, purchased in what seems like a hundred years ago, I acquired a 28mm and an 80-200mm zoom. Now, decades later, my basic travel kit still relies on two camera bodies and this simple lens combination; only today, the wide choice is...

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Article: Canon EOS Rebel T1i

Canon’s EOS Rebel line of SLRs have been top sellers since the original 35mm EOS Rebel was introduced in 1990. The EOS Digital Rebel, which appeared 13 years later, was the first D-SLR to sell for under $1,000.

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Article: By Design: Pentax K7

Looking for an SLR that’s built to withstand the elements? Pentax’s new top-of-the-line K-7 packs a 14.6-megapixel CMOS sensor, HD video capability, a 3.0-inch, high-res LCD and a host of pro features into a rugged, magnesium-alloy body that’s weath...

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Article: Supporting Video

The beauty of HD video is that it’s incredibly crisp and detailed—and that’s also its difficulty. Even a small amount of camera shake can be hard to watch for very long. If you’re getting into video with one of the latest HD camcorders or an SLR that...

Also labeled: Tripods and Supports

Article: Where Were You?

Early GPS receivers were handheld devices about the size of a cell phone and most useful to hikers and adventurous outdoorsmen. A little innovation and a few years later, and voilà! What used to provide cryptic coordinates on a low-res grayscale map ...

Article: May 2009

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Article: D-SLRs: Buy Now!

If you’ve been waiting to buy a new digital SLR, now is a great time. Performance, features and price have reached a happy nexus. Even the entry-level models give you very good AF performance and image quality—better than their predecessors and gen...

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