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Article: Where Are Digital SLRs Going?

From the moment it was created, photography has been inseparably connected to technology. Born of light-sensitive substances coated on a metal plate and now evolved to today's CCD and CMOS sensors, photography's growth has been measured as much by...

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Article: How To Choose A Digital SLR

Choosing a digital SLR is a bit trickier than choosing a film SLR because you have all of the film-camera considerations, plus a number of digital aspects to weigh. One benefit, though, is that you can't go wrong with any of today's D-SLRs—they all...

Article: Buyer's Guide 2006: Today's Digital SLRs

There's a definite visceral reaction when taking pictures with an SLR. The look of the camera and the way it seems to be an extension of my hand often evokes a sense that something wonderful is only a fraction of a second away. Although I've taken...

Article: Short Report: Nikon D2x

For discriminating photographers, the Holy Grail in digital cameras in recent years has been the so-called full-frame image sensor. Such a sensor is the same physical size as a frame of 35mm film, and as a result, has no lens magnification factor....

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Article: D-SLRs Vs. Advanced Compacts

As photographers, we've always faced choices—automatic exposure vs. manual, slides vs. negatives, large format vs. 35mm. It's no surprise, then, that digital photography has created another one—digital SLR (D-SLR) vs. advanced compact. Both camera...

Article: Short Report: Canon EOS 20D

Yes, the Canon EOS 20D has 8.2 megapixels, and everyone keys in on that impressive number, but megapixels aren't everything. The quality of an image coming off of a sensor is strongly affected by the sensor design itself as it, in turn, affects...

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Article: First Look: Nikon D2x

The high-performance camera provides instant power-up and a fast 37 ms shutter lag. The continuous firing mode delivers 5 fps for 15 consecutive NEF images. The 6.8-megapixel High Speed Cropped mode provides 8 fps for 25 NEF images.

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Article: Short Report: Nikon D70

A 6.1-megapixel, interchangeable-lens digital SLR, the Nikon D70 offers an incredible collection of capabilities for less than $1,000. Although it's a full-featured SLR, the D70 utilizes simplicity of design to make it easy to learn and use—even f...

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Article: Short Report: Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n

The Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n is designed to meet the demands of many pro shooters. A 14-megapixel CCD, improved noise reduction, larger image buffer and powerful image software for an efficient workflow make it a formidable challenger for the top...

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Article: Equipment TestDrive: Nikon D70

At the annual PMA show in Las Vegas this year, Nikon introduced a new interchangeable-lens digital SLR, the D70. The camera had been rumored for some months, but the trade show offered the first up-close look at the new model. Unlike many PMA...

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Article: Equipment TestDrive: Pentax *ist D

The *ist D is the first digital SLR from Pentax. Weighing just 19.4 ounces and measuring 5.1x3.7x2.4 inches, it's considerably lighter than most current D-SLR models, but still has the functionality that you'd expect in a full-featured D-SLR....

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Article: Equipment TestDrive: Olympus E-1

The Olympus E-1 is a completely new "from the ground up," professional-level digital SLR. The camera represents one element in a new, complete system. Rather than take previous SLR bodies and lenses and convert them to digital, Olympus has chosen...

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Article: Equipment TestDrive: Nikon D2h

A new 4-megapixel sensor is at the core of the new Nikon D2h. Its predecessor, the Nikon D1h, was a very popular camera among action photographers, and what it lacked in ultra-high resolution it more than made up for in its ability to operate at...

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