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Article: Buyer's Guide 2009: Color Management

Without a solid color-management system in place, what you see on screen isn't necessarily what you'll get in the final print. Dry? Technical? Yes, but worth paying attention to if you're looking for vibrant, knockout color every time you print....

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Article: Trade Tricks: Color Harmony

The path to getting a better print starts with a color-managed workflow. Calibrating your monitor is an important first step, but for the ultimate in control, you'll also want to create ICC profiles for your printer.

Article: Buyer's Guide 2008: Color Calibration

Calibrating your monitor may not sound exciting, but the results can be. Without a properly calibrated monitor, photo edits won't be accurate, and what you see on your screen isn't what the prints will look like. So you'll have to make some tweaks...

Article: Toolbox: Display Calibration

It may not be as exciting a topic as the latest D-SLR technologies, but color calibration is a critical part of digital photography. With a properly calibrated monitor, you can be confident that the adjustments you make to your images are exactly...

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Article: True Colors

The joy of digital photography can be quickly diffused when the photograph we've printed doesn't resemble what we saw on our monitors. Dramatic differences in brightness, contrast and especially color make using a digital darkroom an exercise in...

Article: Buyer's Guide 2006: Monitor Calibration

If you've ever been frustrated with prints that don't match what you see on your monitor, you understand the importance of color management. Having a calibrated monitor allows you to make changes to an image with confidence because the colors...

Article: Trade Tricks: Easy Color Management

When your goal is to create a beautiful print, understanding basic color management is a key component in the digital darkroom. Because monitors and papers are two completely different media, it's important to realize your print isn't going to be an...

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