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Our photo processing and editing software reviews will help you make the most of your digital darkroom. Visit us before investing in digital imaging software.

Photoshop Elements 8
The new elements offers photographers fast, intelligent organization, cool correction tools and new ways to share
Photoshop Elements 8Photoshop is the gold standard for image enhancement, but for many photographers, it’s overkill. Adobe’s Photoshop Elements, now up to version 8, focuses on the best tools Photoshop has for typical adjustments and distills them into simple steps for improving your photos quickly, with a gentler learning curve than Photoshop.

Auto FX Mystical Tint Tone And Color 2.0
Quickly transform good photos into great ones with this collection of high-style digital effects
Auto FX Mystical Tint Tone And Color 2.0Ever wonder how the pros create the cool photo effects you see on billboards and advertisements?

Classic Black & White
Tips and software for making beautiful monochrome images digitally
Classic Black & WhiteIn an over saturated world, the elegant, timeless appeal of black-and-white is in its simplicity. To get frame-worthy results, with a beautiful range of tones, you don’t have to be a student of the Zone System—but you do need to start with a proper exposure and then use software tools to perfect the final image.

First Look: Adobe Photoshop Elements 7
Photoshop elements offers an excellent blend of user-friendly features with pro-quality processing under the hood
First Look: Adobe Photoshop Elements 7There’s plenty to like about the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, including some new tools that make image editing even easier. Elements 7 borrows a few of these from Photoshop CS, including the Smart Brush tool that lets you edit lighting, color and textures, and add more than 50 filter effects with simple layer adjustments, plus the Photomerge Scene Cleaner that helps you remove subjects or backgrounds from two or more images by combining them together to create one photo without the unwanted objects.

Photoshop CS4
With improved tools, faster workflow and some new tricks
Photoshop CS4Adobe has concentrated considerable effort on streamlining workflow in Photoshop CS4, from the easy integration of files between other CS4 programs to a simplified user interface and faster processing. Many older features have been vastly improved, as well, from the Dodge and Burn tools to Layers and Masking. In addition to refinements, Photoshop CS4 also includes new features for both enthusiasts and professionals alike, like the Depth-of-Field Extender and Content Based Scaling.

Buyer's Guide 2009: Image Processing Software
The latest generation is more photographer-friendly than ever, with powerful
Buyer's Guide 2009: Image Processing Software

Photoshop has become one of those brands, like Coke® or Kleenex®, that's so iconic, it represents a whole category of products. It even has become a verb, as in "€œto Photoshop"€ an image. So it may come as a surprise when we say that it might not be the best choice for your photo needs.

Short Report: ACDSee Pro 2
Simplify image management, raw processing and common adjustments with this all-in-one solution
Short Report: ACDSee Pro 2

ACDSee Pro 2 is the latest upgrade to ACD Systems' popular workflow-management software. Besides making it easy to download, organize, archive and locate images, ACDSee Pro 2 provides powerful editing and RAW-processing capabilities. One-click Visual Tagging and extensive batch-processing capabilities greatly speed up and simplify workflow.

First Look: Aperture 2
The first major revision of apple’s image workflow app makes excellent refinements and extends support for third-party plug-ins
First Look: Aperture 2

If you're a Mac user, there's a lot to like about Aperture, and its version 2 includes new features that greatly improve the efficiency and capabilities of this powerful imaging application—all at a new, lower price of $199. There are more than 100 new features, but we've focused on some of the more important changes that make this new version worth the upgrade.

Trick Shots: Low Light
Discover how high ISOs can improve the quality of your photographs
Trick Shots: Low Light

While recently critiquing the work of one of my students, I noticed that several of his images lacked sharpness, which I immediately attributed to camera shake. We looked at the images' EXIF data to find out at what shutter speed he was shooting while using a 200mm lens. He had been shooting at 1⁄30 sec.—far too slow a shutter speed to use with a telephoto, particularly without the camera being mounted on a tripod. When I asked him why he didn't increase the camera's ISO for a more reasonable shutter speed, his response was an all too common one.

Buyer's Guide 2008: Photo-Processing Software
Today’s software offers us a big range of choices in how we work and play with our images
Buyer's Guide 2008: Photo-Processing Software

Image-processing software is amazing today. It allows the photographer to duplicate the old color and black-and-white darkroom without the mess, space or toxic chemicals. And we can do more, enhancing and optimizing images in ways that the traditional darkroom worker could only dream of.

10 Top Imaging Applications
Our favorite software for photographers, from beginners to pros
10 Top Imaging Applications

The last year has been a big one for photo software, with several of the top applications getting significant updates and the introduction of new software alternatives for photographers. The big news most recently is the latest update to Photoshop, but perhaps even more significant is Adobe's introduction of Photoshop Lightroom.


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