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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reviews: 55mm Plug-In

Gain high-level effects quickly and easily with Photoshop and other image-processing programs

Reviews: 55mm Plug-In

Plug-ins are useful accessories for your image-processing program. These small software programs work within the main program, using the host to do marvelous things with your images. Since plug-ins come with many different functions, you have to examine them carefully to see if they fit your needs.

When they do fit a need, plug-ins can reduce a lot of the time and energy spent dealing with the main program, whether that's Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Deneba Canvas or any other software that accepts Photoshop-type plug-ins. The latest release of Digital Film Tools 55mm does just that. For its $150 price, the plug-in offers a group of highly photographic adjustments that dramatically cuts your time with the host program. You can instantly accomplish effects here that would take even an expert Photoshop user significantly more time and effort.

I like the simple interface that the 55mm plug-in offers, and I found the tool set perfectly suited to photographers. This isn't a program of abstract special effects. It includes features that photographers really need or want, including a black-and-white conversion tool, color graduated filter effects, color correction filters, mist and fog effects, a skin softener filter and more. It even includes the Ozone software, inspired by the Ansel Adams Zone System, which allows you to adjust tones in an image by specific brightness values.

The core of this program was originally designed for Hollywood postproduction pros who were adjusting movie scenes, and was made for speed and quality. For beginners, 55mm cuts the learning curve, allowing them to make advanced adjustments with less effort. For advanced users, the plug-in offers the advantage of speed and ease of use.

For the photographer with Photoshop Elements or other lower-priced programs, the 55mm plug-in from Digital Film Tools can bring that program up substantially in capabilities.

Contact: Digital Film Tools, www.digitalfilmtools.com.


Key Features

• Software tools are highly photographic in nature

• Ozone is included as part of the package

• Speeds up adjustment on photos


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