Monday, October 31, 2011

Color Efex Pro 4

Nik Software's Color Efex Pro is an easy-to-use plug-in with 55 unique filters that you can apply to your photos, from practical enhancements like Classical Soft Focus or Graduated ND to wilder effects like the new Dark Contrasts, which creates a hard-edged look similar to extreme HDR.
By Wes Pitts Published in Plug-Ins
Color Efex Pro 4


Check the details of your effects by zooming in up to 400%.


This panel shows a list of all of the Filters you've applied and their individual settings. You can simply drag a Filter above or below another to reorder them and alter their interaction. This panel also contains a list of the control points you've added, with the ability to preview the area each control point is affecting.


Here, we're using a control point to open up the shadows around our model's eyes. Click and drag the top slider to set the diameter and the bottom slider to adjust the opacity of the control point.


A handy "pin" feature lets you fix the loupe to a particular spot in the image. This window also lets you turn on visual warnings for shadow and highlight clipping.


Don't want to apply the effect to the entire image? Click Brush to return to your host application, select a desired brush, and you can paint on the effect exactly where you want it.

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