Saturday, April 10, 2010

Alien Skin Exposure 2

If you find yourself sometimes longing for the good old days of film, Alien Skin has just the solution. With Exposure 2, you can give your digital photography a nostalgic look.
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Alien Skin Exposure 2
Streamlined Interface

Streamlined Interface

To make the program more user-friendly, the interface consists of a single window with a big preview area so that you can see the effect of your film choice and your changes easily and clearly. Next to the image is a tabbed panel containing sliders and other controls. Settings are organized into groups, the preview is zoomed out to fit the image to your screen, and the last setting used is highlighted.



The Settings tab shows a collection of presets. The list of film types is extensive and probably will be sufficient for both color and black-and-white purposes. Click on any of these choices and a preview is generated to show the cross-processing effect.



Above the preview area is a drop-down menu of split-screen previewing options. When enabled, this feature shows the original image in half of the preview. The entries in the split-screen menu specify the orientation of the split line, or you can simply turn it off. You can select from a total of eight before-and-after options.



To the left of the Preview button are navigation tools for moving around and zooming in and out. The hand enables the Move tool. Simply click and drag to navigate around the preview image. The magnifying glass controls zoom functionality. Double-clicking it resets the preview window to 100-percent magnification.


The plug-in is multithreaded to run faster on multiprocessor or multicore systems. It’s also a Universal Mac application, so it runs native and fast on Intel processors.

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