Sunday, September 6, 2009

Portrait Professional Studio 9

Nobody’s perfect. Hollywood makeup artists earn their livings on this fact—but most of us don’t have a stylist with us every time we shoot a portrait.
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Portrait Professional Studio 9

Touch-Up Brush

In addition to global corrections, you can use this brush to selectively remove blemish.

Eye Controls (not shown)

These adjustments let you whiten and brighten eyes, sharpen eye details, darken the pupil and remove reflections, and even change the eye color.

Mouth AND Nose Controls (not shown)

Adjust the saturation, darkness, contrast and hue of your subject's lips, and adjust the contrast of the nose with these sliders.

Restore Brush

If you want to restore detail in selected areas, use the Restore brush.

Skin Lighting Controls (not shown)

These sliders help you correct overall lighting by removing shadows, adding highlights and smoothing uneven lighting.

Hair Controls (not shown)

The hair controls make it easy to add shine and lightness to hair, add subtle color enhancements and even tidy up messy hair or soften its texture.

Picture Controls (not shown)

Use the sliders here to make adjustments to the overall image and to improve exposure, contrast, color temperature, saturation and more.

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