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Before you purchase any digital photography software, read our in-depth reviews so you'll be sure to buy the right tools for your work.

Portrait Professional Studio 9
Flatter your subjects with this powerful suite of enhancements
Portrait Professional Studio 9Nobody’s perfect. Hollywood makeup artists earn their livings on this fact—but most of us don’t have a stylist with us every time we shoot a portrait.

Video-Editing Software
With HD video now available in D-SLRs, we take a look at the best affordable programs for producing video portfolios of images, movies and multimedia projects
Video-Editing SoftwareNow that professional still cameras are evolving to provide high-quality, high-definition video capture, the line between photography and video is blurring even further. Movies are called motion pictures, after all, and thanks to the ease and popularity of posting video online with sites like YouTube, photographers now have an extra outlet for showcasing and sharing their images and portfolios. With that in mind, here’s a selection of easily approachable, cost-effective and yet very capable editing programs to get you started in the world of video.

Add impact to an image by placing it in a virtual frame
Framed! One way to add interest and importance to a photo is to frame it. This is as true in the digital world of web-based photo galleries as it is in a brick-and-mortar gallery. Adding a decorative virtual frame to an image may also enhance its presentation when viewing it in a digital photo frame, on your computer desktop or on your HDTV. Creating a simulated frame effect in Photoshop is relatively fast and easy.

Buyer's Guide 2009: Online Sharing & Services
A few stars in the universe of web-based options for photographers
Buyer's Guide 2009: Online Sharing & ServicesWhat's the best way to share, print and store your digital images? For millions of photographers—from casual shooters to pros—the answer can be summed up in one word: online. Over the past 10 years, web-based photo services have honed their skills and become an essential part of many photographers' workflow. Even pros who routinely perform all of these tasks on their own can benefit from the efficiencies of using online experts.

Trade Tricks: Color Harmony
For the best prints, get your printer and monitor on the same page
Trade Tricks: Color Harmony

The path to getting a better print starts with a color-managed workflow. Calibrating your monitor is an important first step, but for the ultimate in control, you'll also want to create ICC profiles for your printer.

Photo Finish
Try this library of edges, brushes and effects to give your photos an artist’s touch
Photo Finish

Fine-art effects can add a lot of visual excitement to your photography, but mastering the illustration tools to achieve those effects can take a lot of time and practice. That's where creative software filters and effects can be a terrific help.

Buyer's Guide 2008: Web Services
Boost your digital darkroom with specialty printing and image storage online
Buyer's Guide 2008: Web Services

One of the most exciting advantages of digital photography is the ability to transmit images electronically without any degradation of picture quality. This feature spawned new business opportunities and shook up the long-established operating procedures of the photo-processing industry.

Trade Tricks: Easy Color Management
For the best prints, take control over your color
Trade Tricks: Easy Color ManagementWhen your goal is to create a beautiful print, understanding basic color management is a key component in the digital darkroom. Because monitors and papers are two completely different media, it's important to realize your print isn't going to be an exact match of what you see on your screen. If you continually test your printer's capabilities, however, much like you would with various filters and papers in a traditional darkroom, you may end up developing interesting techniques. What really matters in the whole process is whether you like your end result.

Digital Darkroom: Windows On Your Mac?
Apple's Boot Camp breaks down the barrier between the two rival systems
Digital Darkroom: Windows On Your Mac?

Apple recently made a rather mind-blowing announcement: Intel-based Macs now permit loading and running Windows XP natively via Boot Camp software. Apple released a public beta version of the Boot Camp software and announced that its upcoming update to OS X, 10.5, or "Leopard" in its feline naming convention, will fully support a "dual boot" system. Leopard is due out in early 2007.


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