From cameras to printers to digital applications, a variety of contemporary imaging solutions are available to make black-and-white photography a more creative proposition

Plug-ins aren’t your only software solution when converting to black-and-white. Try the power of Lightroom and Photoshop for sophisticated results.

Not everyone is a great black-and-white photographer from the get-go. These techniques will help refine your monochrome eye.

Some thoughts on the creative photographic process

Bring simplicity and space to your black-and-white photography

Improve your chances of winning a photo contest with these rules of what NOT to do, gathered by the Digital Photo judges

Don’t give up on an image when one element or another isn’t cooperating—consider transforming color photos to monochrome

How to determine what types of scene characteristics will create compelling black-and-white images

Black-and-white has the magical power of rescuing some images that didn’t quite make it as color photos, if you know how to look at them

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