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Ocean Drive Live SearchImage Exists
Miami Beach, Florida, USA
GPS Coordinates:
25° 46′ 41.07″ N
80° 07′ 51.90″ W

Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 25.778074999999900
LON -80.131083333333300

Ocean Drive is a stretch of oceanside road in Miami Beach known for its Art Deco hotels and buildings that line the promenade and become neon pieces of art at night. A center of fashion and shopping, this is the place to get the defining shot of South Beach. One of the most photographed places on the strip is the Colony Hotel, which lights up as a neon blue structure, with the other buildings around it lit in green and red neon. Shooting from the sand with a slow exposure on a tripod at night, you can capture cars streaming by, with palm trees and the Art Deco buildings in the background.

florida egretsDing Darling National Wildlife
Refuge Live SearchImage Exists
Fort Meyers, Florida, USA
GPS Coordinates:
26° 28′ 07.68″ N
82° 08′ 40.59″ W

Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 26.468799999999900
LON -82.144608333333300

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venice rookeryVenice Rookery Live SearchImage Exists
Venice, Florida, USA
GPS Coordinates:
27° 02′ 42.27″ N
82° 23′ 56.22″ W

Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 27.045075000000000
LON -82.398950000000000

french quarter new orleansFrench Quarter
 Live SearchImage Exists
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
GPS Coordinates:
29° 57′ 36.97″ N
90° 03′ 37.01″ W

Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 29.960825000000000
LON -90.064447222222200

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Live SearchNo Image Exists. Click To Send Us Yours
North Carolina, USA
GPS Coordinates:
35° 15′ 03.10″ N
75°31′ 45.34″ W

Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 35.250938888888800
LON -75.529261111111100

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Dolly Sods Wilderness Live SearchNo Image Exists. Click To Send Us Yours
West Virginia, USA
GPS Coordinates:
38° 59′ 45″ N
79° 22′ 5″ W

Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 38.995833333333300
LON -79.368055555555500


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