Old Farmhouse

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Photographer: Andreas Resch

Photo Details

  • Camera: Canon Canon EOS 5D
  • Title (required): Old Farmhouse
  • State/Province/Region (required): , Austria
  • Nearest Area: Graz
  • Nearest Town: Graz
  • Brief Directions: Smoky farmhouse in Austria.
  • GPS Longitude: 47.159089
  • GPS Latitude: 15.315456
  • Best Season: Autumn
  • Gear: Canon 5D, Canon EF 17-40mm

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  1. Old Farmhouse

    What a great shot! This one is one of my favorites, if not THE favorite. Great example of "light is the subject". I'm kind of jealous that it's not mine :) .
  2. Old Farmhouse

  3. Old Farmhouse

    Well done! I scoff at 2 and 3/4 stars so I give it a five,nothing that I have seen on here better represents the subject of the contest. Awesome shot!
  4. Old Farmhouse


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