The Shoemaker

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Photographer: Carla DeDominicis

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  • Title (required): The Shoemaker
  • State/Province/Region (required): , Guatemala
  • Nearest Area: El Naranjal
  • Nearest Town: Antigua
  • Best Season: Spring
  • Gear: Nikon D1

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  1. The shoemaker

    Excellent photo. It makes you wish that you can read his mind through his tired eyes.
  2. The shoemaker

    very beautiful pic
  3. The shoemaker

    This is awesome! Great perspective and beautiful colors.
  4. The shoemaker

    There's a lifetime in that one glance. Awesome!
  5. The shoemaker

    stunning in its depth and simplicity
  6. The shoemaker

    Absolutely stunning!
  7. The shoemaker

  8. The shoemaker

    almost makes you feel like you are reading his mind differently every time . Your family would be proud!!!
  9. The shoemaker

    Makes you think about how other's really live.
  10. The shoemaker

    A beautiful eye capturing the essence of life & talent of his art. Rob

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