Caught At Seward Alaska!

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Photographer: Sreevathsa Duglapura

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  • Title (required): Caught At Seward Alaska!
  • State/Province/Region (required): Alaska, United States
  • Nearest Town: Seward
  • Best Season: Spring

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  1. Caught at Seward Alaska!

    I have sincere doubt about judge's bias toward certain entries or their competence - like this one for example. Portrait is photograph presenting certain person(s) - what means at lest part of the face can be visible. What part of "portrait" is present in this portrait? Disappointed by some of entries chosen as finalists with such good ones out of finale. For every serious amateur not to mention professional photographer this is real decreasing of level of otherwise very good organized contest.
  2. Caught at Seward Alaska!

    I think it is a portrait in the sense that you can say a lot about this man from this picture alone, even though you can not see his face

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