Water Music

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Photographer: Nikolaj Lund

Photo Details

  • Camera: Canon Canon EOS 5D
  • Title (required): Water Music
  • State/Province/Region (required): , Denmark
  • Nearest Town: Copenhagen

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  1. Water music

    Love this series, Nikolaj. Very cool.
  2. Water music

    Thank you very much:)
  3. Water music

    Interesting. Hope that was photoshopped and no chellos were harmed in the making of this photograph. :-)
  4. Water music

    This is still one of my favorites of the competition. I like the whole series, but this is the standout for me. The boat in the background is a nice touch.
  5. Water music

    Thanks:) I just read the official rules and since I`m not living in the US I`m not allowed to enter this competition. Ups!

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