Tricolored Herons

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Photographer: Richard Higgins

Photo Details

  • Title (required): Tricolored Herons
  • State/Province/Region (required): Florida, United States
  • Nearest Area: St. Marks NWR
  • Nearest Town: St. Marks
  • Brief Directions: This photo was taken early in the morning at St. Marks NWR located in the Florida Panhandle.
  • GPS Longitude: -84.139995575
  • GPS Latitude: 30.1246396149
  • Best Season: Autumn
  • Gear: Sony A900, f/4, ISO 200, 200mm Lens, 1/200 Sec., PL Filter, Tripod

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  1. Tricolored Herons

    I do not like anyone by the name of Higgins...sorry but I have to vote you down.
  2. Tricolored Herons

    I'm sorry, but isn't the one on the right a great blue heron? Not a tricolored heron...?
  3. Tricolored Herons

    I like your photos but they don't fit the theme. Maybe in the Conservation in Focus theme they would rank better.

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