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Photographer: Jesse Robertson

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  • Title (required): Pouty
  • State/Province/Region (required): Arizona, United States

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  1. Pouty

    this seems to be a 35mm double exposure? looks like no photoshop work what so ever
  2. Pouty

    35mm double exposure is probably a safe guess, but that doesn't exclude the possibility of digital improvements...i think it's a charming collaboration of film and digital
  3. Pouty

    It is a 35mm doub exposure. I shot it with a Canon EOS 1V with Fugi200 and processed it at Walgreens. ha! there is a little contrast and brightness adjustment which I did in Lightroom.
  4. Pouty

    The print looks way better then the digital image.
  5. Pouty

    mmmmmmm good. I love how you have a 35mm image in a digital photo contest
  6. Pouty

    Well folks, this image should not be allowed in this contest!!!
  7. Pouty

    why should this image not be allowed? its one of the few that makes sense for "environmental portrait" and even if it is 35mm its still digitally altered.
  8. StevenR

    Don't hate on film StevenR. My Nikon D300s has no where near as good of quality as my Nikon F5. As they say... Films not dead it just smells funny. jealous?
  9. Pouty

    Jealous, not at all. I shot several film cameras for over 30 years. The 2 DSLR's I have both out perform any film camera I've ever used or seen!
  10. Pouty

    I agree with Ann, since she is my wife. No film camera we have owned and thats been a few can compete with a good DSLR. And am I jealous, not at all. You could not even give me another film camera free, even if its top of the line!

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