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Photographer: Jesse Robertson

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  • Title (required): Pouty
  • State/Province/Region (required): Arizona, United States

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  1. Pouty

    Mr&Mrs.R if you are so fond and proud of your DSLRs i'd like to ask you if you've ever even considered where the technology of digital photography would be today if there was never an appreciation for the exact science and passion that remains behind film photographers of today...the photo is a collaboration of the two and since there is no interjection from a higher authority i recommend keeping your narrow-minded views to yourselves. i'm also curious, since you seem so personally offended by this submission one of your own photos must be in the contest as well, so which one is it?
  2. Pouty

    Everyone please stop arguing over my photograph, it is extremely rude. This is silly and juvenile, especially for someone who is 40+ years old. And degrading my photograph because of the format is so disrespectful, you are a chump Mr. StevenR. And so both of you know. Digital is no where near film, depending on the format. Sure its more convenient but the quality is a hoax. It would take a 500megapixel DSLR to be equivalent to a large format camera, a 200+mp dslr to a medium format and a 25mp dslr for a 35mm. So unless you are using one of the new Hasselblad digital cameras you have no room to argue. But who has thirty grand laying around these days?
  3. Pouty

    Im sorry you had a bummer time with yer thirty years practice using film, when it comes to resolution, print size, and color/tone film reigns supreme. Digital's convenience obviously won out of film, but its all automated and requires less practice and skill. Think about it, an artist can take a lifetime practicing to perfect the 4x5 and print while a normal person can go out with a 3mp camera and get the best photo of their life in a matter of minutes. Also this is a multiple exposure, and there is no way in hell you can reproduce this image as good in photoshop. I say to each his own, it's the artist, not the medium, which defines quality.
  4. Pouty

    700+ ratings... someone either loves you or hates you
  5. Pouty

    Looking at the number and position of all of your pics it is obvious that you are rating yourself over and over - pretty impressive clicking - on the mouse that is.... if you sincerely thought your pics were good you would not have to resort to such antics -;0) I hope it works out for you and you clinch the peoples vote!
  6. Pouty

    loyal friends. Amazing what social networking can do. kinda scary!
  7. Pouty

    JJ, i noticed that too. he was going like 100 votes up within one day... besides that... ugly girl, ugly colors..
  8. Pouty

    Rico, I guess so if via social networking you have invited and sucessfully had 700 + folks set up an account just to vote for this pic - I do not belive it for a minute -;0)
  9. Pouty

    it doesnt take 700 people. just takes a routine. This is not the only photo with high votes. I submitted this the first day of the contest, its been going on now for two months. Go ahead and hate it, its not going to change anything. It all comes down to the judges in the end.
  10. Pouty

    I agree with Steve and Ann. Do I miss the days of pushing 800 and 1600 films for decent low-light performance? Not at all. Just about any moderate digital camera on the market now, blows a film cameras performance out of the water at higher ISO's. Doesn't matter how good the film camera is mechanically, it's still limited by the limitations of film.

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