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Photographer: Michael Morales

Photo Details

  • Title (required): Musician
  • State/Province/Region (required): Nevada, United States
  • Nearest Town: Las Vegas
  • Best Season: Autumn
  • Gear: Nikon D80 50mm f/1.8

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  1. Musician

    nicely done - i really like this : )
  2. Musician

    looks to artificial
  3. Musician

    environment refers to the surroundings of a subject. there are no surroundings here.
  4. Musician

    doesn't fit in the category of ENVIRONMENT
  5. Musician

    i agree with the perception that this photo comes off as artificial, and am also puzzled as to why it is in this category...maybe try storytelling?
  6. Musician

    IMO, the man portrayed IS the enviroment. His weathered skin is evidence of it. The background of a weathered, grey sky accentuates him. Great photo!
  7. Musician

    This does meet the catagory. Go back and read the description again. This is a remarkable image. I gave it a 5. Could be in National Geographic.

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