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Old Church

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118 Votes

Photographer: Romeo Doneza

Photo Details

  • Title (required): Old Church
  • State/Province/Region (required): California, United States
  • Nearest Town: Cerritos
  • Best Season: Summer
  • Gear: Nikon D90, 18-105 mm Nikon Lens

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  1. Old Church

    Excellent theme, "old church" matching black & white color combine, perfect shot & professionally crafted. I vote for this!
  2. Old Church

    Super super major major shot - EXCELLENT. A winner.
  3. Old Church

    Simply Beautiful, nice B&W contrast & composition which makes this image a lot more interesting!!
  4. Old Church

    This image illustrates the Power of Black & White the way tones mix & blend, nice composition too..you got my vote!
  5. Old Church

    A very natural black and white photo. Takes us back to the old times.
  6. Old Church

    wow ...love that black and white color for an "OLD CHURCH" photo..Great shot
  7. Old Church

    I love it too! The more I look at it, the picture comes to life. The white tone brightens the church and the black enhances the background which makes the whole picture looks real in life. Excellent job.
  8. Old Church

    This shot is fantastic, really love it.
  9. Old Church

    This photo grabbed me from among all the other photos - it really pops. Great light and composition.
  10. Old Church


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