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Photographer: Misha Louy

Photo Details

  • Title (required): Mini-Kobe
  • Gear: Nikon D80 with Sigma 18-50mm lens

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  1. Mini-Kobe

    I'm shocked that none of this series made it to the finals. Wow.
  2. Mini-Kobe

    I'm shocked at what was picked for the finalists and what wasn't picked. Somethings not right.
  3. Mini-Kobe

    That's the thing about juried contests and shows, they seem almost random sometimes...
  4. Mini-Kobe

    More than random ! I think this contest in particular was extremely selective with the portfolios of only a few photographers, wich includes basically all of this people pictures leaving out work that it's so much better. Some participants even have been selected for two ,three,four and even five of their work submitted. I think it's disrecpectful to all the other photographers that participated with work that was left out , and was a lot better that some of the mediocre work that qualified as finalist. It's a shame and it seems that every contest this people organize it's judged the same way. Shame on you Digital Photo Magazine.

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