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Native Roots

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Photographer: Robert Lopez

Photo Details

  • Title (required): Native Roots
  • Gear: Nikon D7000

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  1. Native Roots

    wwwwwwwooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! s has to win.
  2. Native Roots

    This Photo truly captures the passion in this beautiful girls eyes. The colors bring out an amazing amount of emotions! Amazing Capture Rob
  3. Native Roots

    This is not like many of the boring portraits i see on this contest... AMAZING COLORS AGAIN.
  4. Native Roots

    WOW. This feeling of pure nature and purity plays a big role in this photo. The colors are amazingly presented. great Job Rob!
  5. Native Roots

    This is freakin Awesome!
  6. Native Roots

    cool dude! nice vibes
  7. Native Roots

    I like the feel
  8. Native Roots

    Everyone elses photos look so dull in color compared to yours... The colors give this photo a unique feel... Everyone else has such a default portrait .. Keep it fresh ROB! ! ! ! lovin it man
  9. Native Roots

    This photos not only is interesting visually... but also conceptually... The fact that this native dressed girl is set in a nature filled envirement is perfect. The white floweres bring out her white beautiful glowing skin... which contrasts amazingly with the darker colors. Very well executed !

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