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Small Wonder

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Photographer: Aubrey Dettmer

Photo Details

  • Camera: Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS
  • Title (required): Small Wonder
  • State/Province/Region (required): , United States
  • Best Season: Spring

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  1. Small Wonder

    Another photographer that was protected by DP, by qualifying three portraits out of five. This one may be good to be a finalist but I don't agree on all three been better than al the great portraits that were left out. I can't believe DP judges.
  2. Not one of the top 20 made it?

    I agree Sherman. Not saying anything bad about this photo Aubrey, its cute, but of the top 20 MOST POPULAR photos, NOT ONE made it to finalist. Did we miss something in the rules about the criteria of the judging. Disappointing to all those that had spectacular portaits.
  3. Small Wonder

    This contest is a joke.
  4. Small Wonder

    I'm sorry if you feel the contest is biased. I did my best, and I cannot help what was decided except through my own merit. I was very excited about my entries making it this far, but reading these comments really brought a dark cloud to my day.
  5. Don't Take it Personally

    Aubrey, it seems like people were using the comment section at the bottom of your photo to talk about their discontents with the contest as a whole and not your photo[s] in particular. You should be proud of your images, and if they were all rejected or all blue-ribbon winners, they are still, ultimately, your expression. If you still like them, then that should be a ray of light for you!
  6. Small Wonder

    Congrats on your First Place win!

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