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Photographer: Slobodan Blagojevic

Photo Details

  • Camera: Canon Canon EOS 40D
  • Title (required): Sandra
  • Gear: Canon 40D, 85/1.8

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  1. Same photo as last year

    What the hell is going on? This exact photo was a finalist last year. Something is not right.
  2. photo used lat year

    each entry may not have won previous awards and may not have been previously published as part of a previous photo contest sponsored by Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo, PCPhoto or Digital Photo Pro magazines. Entries that are found to have won previous awards or to have been published as part of a previous photo contest will be disqualified.
  3. Sandra

    Thanks for remembering it guys! I guess I read the rules differently... if by "published" it was meant to mean, among other things ""selected as a finalist"", than you are right, it should be disqualified. If, however, "published" is meant as I understood it, i.e., printed in the said magazines, than submitting it again isn't against the rules.
  4. Sandra

    Hi Slobodan, your photo is very nice and worthy of a finalist. However, I believe that when a photo is picked as a finalist it is essentially being "published" on the website. Therefore, I don't think a photo that was a finalist one year should be submitted the next year. It would be nice if someone from DPM would clarify this issue along with the issue of photos being submitted of the same subject matter by the same person.

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