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  • September/October 2011
  • Step Into Studio Lighting

    Monolights are an ideal low-cost, high-power, easy-to-use studio lighting solution

    If you're ready to step up from handheld flashes to more powerful and accessory-ready, studio-style strobes, consider monolights.


  • Make A Splash

    Take your camera in the water for dynamic perspectives

    When I teach photo workshops, one of the most common questions is, "How can I improve my images?"
  • Behind The Scene Modes

    Understand what happens “under the hood” when using subject-specific automatic modes

    Your camera's Scene Modes automatically adjust important camera settings for typical subjects and situations.
  • Control Extreme Contrast

    Understand your camera’s limitations to make better exposures in difficult light

    Cameras today do such a good job with exposure that we start expecting them to do great with every scene.
  • Fix Wide-Angle Distortion

    These powerful Photoshop distortion fixes are easy, too

    Distortion is a bummer. When using wide-angle lenses, it's a big bummer because it can skew a scene in very unnatural, unwanted ways.
  • High-Contrast Light

    For portraits with punch, add a hard-edged shadow and a bit of extra contrast

    When we first learn to compose portraits, we discover how well soft light works on faces.
  • How to Use A Lensbaby

    Tips for getting great results with the Lensbaby line of selective-focus lenses

    Defined by a combination of focal range, aperture and composition, the "sweet spot" of an image is the area in a photo that's the most sharp and clear.
  • Mastering Control Points

    Harness the full potential of Nik Software’s unique image-enhancing solution

    Far easier to use than the complicated layers and masking implemented by Photoshop and other workhorse imaging applications, Nik Software's U Point technology for highly controlled and efficient selective image editing is exceedingly simple to use and yet totally powerful in capabilities.
  • Self-Publish!

    Give your best photos the presentation they deserve

    Whether for travel, special occasions or everyday moments, books are an ideal way to make more of an impact with your photos.
  • Sharpen Like A Pro

    Use these tools to bring out the sharpness your camera and lens are capable of producing

    Let's acknowledge the elephant in the room right away: Sensors don't automatically give you the optimum sharpness from your lens, regardless of the lens quality.
  • Stage A Photo Series

    Combine two passions when you use your photography to document other interests

    I have long had a fascination with what's known as the "highwheel" bicycle, a novelty from a bygone era.
  • Supersize Me

    Solutions for upsizing photos with small objects

    Does this sound familiar? You get a great shot of a subject, but the subject doesn't fill the frame.
  • The Human Connection

    Learn how to make room for your subjects to reveal themselves in your images

    I didn't set out to become a portrait photographer with an international focus.
  • The Ultimate Vacation Book

    Make an incredible memento of your travels with even the simplest gear

    Proving that the best camera is the one you have with you, an iPhone 4 was all Joshua Brown needed to make his book, Italy, a remarkably beautiful portfolio of images from a trip he took earlier this year.
  • Tips For Better Video Sound

    Simple ways to maximize the sound capabilities of your HD DSLR

    The very first thing to learn about working with audio is that it can be as straightforward or as complex as you want it to be.
  • Tumble Your Photos

    For a quick photo stream with blog capabilities, Tumblr is a perfect solution for portfolios and thematic galleries

    Blogging is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to share images, and Tumblr is one of the simplest platforms out there.
  • Use Your Head

    Try a headcam for first-person perspective on your next photo adventure

    One of my goals as an adventure- sports photographer is to convey the tension and adrenaline that goes hand in hand with participating in these sports.

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