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September 2004

September 2004


  • Short Report: Nikon D70

    Fast and affordable, this camera is a tremendous value for any photographer

    A 6.1-megapixel, interchangeable-lens digital SLR, the Nikon D70 offers an incredible collection of capabilities for less than $1,000. Although it's a full-featured SLR, the D70 utilizes simplicity of design to make it easy to learn and use—even for photographers new to digital. The D70 is an excellent value with a wealth of features.


  • Short Report: Epson Stylus Photo R200

    Photo prints, CD labeling and more from this versatile, affordable printer

    I can't help but be amazed at what Epson has managed to put into a $99 (estimated street price) printer. The Stylus Photo R200 features excellent six-color printing, including tiny three-picoliter droplets, individual ink tanks, borderless printing and two USB connections (front and back) so you can connect both your desktop and laptop computers, plus direct CD printing. That's a lot of capabilities in a printer at any price.

  • Short Report: Maxtor One-Touch Drives

    You won’t forget to back up important photos with these easy-to-use drives

    Everyone knows to back up, right? But does everyone do it? The Maxtor OneTouch external hard drives offer an excellent solution. These units are big, with 80 GB or more of storage, so you easily can back up a couple of standard hard drives. They come in both high-speed USB 2.0 and FireWire versions, which expedites data transfer, plus they feature a special button that automatically backs up your data with a single touch (with the included software installed).


  • Bordering On The Edge

    Enhance your images using mattes and borders

    Creating a print is the ultimate goal for a photographer. From the moment the shutter is released, it's the image on paper that each photographer likely has in mind when the scene is captured on the camera's CCD or film. Yet the creativity involved in making the image in-camera doesn't have to end when it comes time to output that final photograph.

  • Lab Work

    When to choose a lab for digital prints, and how to get the results you’re after

    You probably like the convenience and control of making prints at home with your inkjet printer. With a little practice, you can get outstanding results and a good measure of personal satisfaction by doing your own printing. There are times when it might be a better option to turn to a professional photofinisher to do the work, however. In the early days of digital, this usually wasn't an option, as most labs weren't yet capable of printing from digital files. A lot has changed in a few years, and now even the photo lab at your local drugstore may be offering prints from your digital images.

  • October 2004 HelpLine

    White-Balance Settings

        * Understanding White Balance Can Help
          You Better Deal With Color In Your Photos

  • September 2004 HelpLine

    Monitor Vs. Photo Size

        * Photos On The Monitor
        * Digital Terms
        * Depth Of Field And Digital Cameras


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