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  • A Classic Method Goes Digital

    Easy ways to achieve beautiful digital black-and-white prints

    Classic—the personification of black-and-white images. Weaving that classic look of black-and-white printing into the digital realm is easier than ever today. Software has a range of effects that enables greater control over your images in a way that traditional black-and-white film printing never could. In addition, plug-ins, specialized inks and papers are available that, when combined, produce beautiful high-quality prints with smooth tonal transitions, depth and detail.

  • Digital Workflow In 20 Easy Steps

    Improve your efficiency in the digital darkroom

    When I think about my days in the darkroom, I realized I achieved consistently good results when I methodically followed specific steps. With traditional printing, even a small variation in time, temperature or chemistry could make a significant difference in the look of a print.

  • Fill Your Frame With Story

    Use the expansive perspective of wide-angle lenses to put your portrait in context

    Having started my career assisting two professional photojournalists, I quickly realized that powerful images could be created by using a wide-angle lens. Photojournalists love using this type of lens because of its ability to capture a subject closely while showing the expanse of his or her environment.

  • Layers 101

    Understanding and using layers increases your tools and capabilities for refined image processing

    Imagine software that allows you to substantially adjust part of your photo, yet also lets you go back to that adjustment when you change your mind. Imagine what it would be like to be able to make changes to your image that were never permanent so you could readjust as needed without quality loss.

  • Match-Making

    Get your monitor to accurately portray the colors of your digital photos

    I was thrilled when I bought my first inkjet printer and couldn't wait to make my first color print. After spending about half an hour perfecting the portrait photograph in Photoshop, I sent the image to the printer and was immediately disappointed. If the person had been a visiting extraterrestrial or suffering from jaundice, the yellowish skin tone might have been acceptable. Neither was the case. I was just another photographer experiencing the frustration of having an inkjet print that didn't match what was on the monitor.
  • October 2005 HelpLine

    Diagnosing Computer Problems

        * Software Problems Are Hard
        * Card Readers
        * JPEG Revisited

  • The Better Print

    10 tips to help you dramatically improve your color inkjet output

    Getting a good print today has become the norm with the latest digital cameras and printers. While you still may have some challenges, printer manufacturers, in particular, have worked hard to give users the ability to create outstanding prints. Now it's time to move beyond simply outputting a good print. I want to help you find ways to make your prints better express what you saw when you took the picture and how you felt about the subject.

  • Trade Tricks: Hot, Cool And Continuous

    Studio lighting the easy way

    Stop wondering. While strobes throw out a short burst of light, continuous lights provide a constant output that allows you to see where your light is going. You don't have to constantly check your image via LCD screen or computer monitor to make sure the light is hitting your subject and you can make adjustments before capture.
  • Trade Tricks: Street Life

    Create beautiful photographs in your own community

    One of my own favorite photographs happened by chance. My wife and I were leaving a movie theater, exiting into a street that had been nearly empty only a few hours before. Now, there were several thousands cheering and dancing around in celebration. It took me a few minutes to remember that the World Cup soccer match was being held at the Rose Bowl. From the lyrical chanting of "Brasil! Brasil!" I quickly knew who had won.


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