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Buyer's Guides

  • Buyer's Guide 2007: Advanced Compacts

    High-end features in a portable design

    Advanced compact zoom cameras combine extended zoom ranges, large LCDs and key SLR-like functions into small, highly portable packages. They're easy to use, easy to carry and easy on the wallet. As a class, they provide more performance per pound than any other type of digital camera and, thanks to innovative features like image stabilization, produce results that rival any system.

  • Buyer's Guide 2007: D-SLR Systems

    For your best images, digital SLR systems offer the latest technologies and flexibility

    Today's digital SLR is probably the best camera type for most photographers, offering the widest variety of features, the quickest autofocusing and burst-shooting performance, and the greatest array of interchangeable lenses, along with excellent image quality, easy portability and affordability.

  • Buyer's Guide 2007: Digital Camera Accessories Matter!

    The right selection of gear will make shooting easier and more successful

    Many accessories can help make your shooting life easier and your photos better. From camera bags, photo backpacks and cases to tripods, batteries and more, here are a few important ones.

  • Buyer's Guide 2007: Digital Imaging Software

    From basic fixes to professional tools for the most demanding enthusiast, there's a photo app

    Whether you want to spend time enhancing your images or you simply want to organize, print and share them, it's almost certain that you'll be spending time at a computer running one of the many digital-imaging programs available today.

  • Buyer's Guide 2007: Digital Video Cameras

    From DV tape to hard drives, today's cameras offer something for everyone

    Are you clinging to decade-old gear or living on the high-tech cutting edge? Do you want to replace a worn-out camcorder or move up to a new system? Do you shoot once-a-year vacation videos or are you a video enthusiast? No matter which of the various video formats you choose, a new camcorder will most likely have more features and better resolution, be smaller and lighter, and cost less than the equipment you're using now.

  • Buyer's Guide 2007: External Storage And Backup

    Hard drives, CDs and DVDs provide reliable backup for your thousands of digital images

    Recent advancements in storage technology make it easier than ever for photographers to back up and preserve precious image files. The most reliable systems are automated and leave little to chance, but good work habits also play an important role. There are many options, and the right hardware for you depends on both the volume of files you must protect and your budget.

  • Buyer's Guide 2007: Lens Strategy

    How to select the right mix of lenses for your photography

    To get the most out of your D-SLR system, you'll want to choose a variety of lenses that offer the focal lengths, speed and features that match well with your favorite subjects. The key to selecting the right lenses is in understanding their capabilities and limitations and the types of photography and situations to which each is best suited.jjj

  • Buyer's Guide 2007: Lighting For Digital Photography And Video

    Improve the quality of your still and moving images with auxiliary light sources

    Photography is about painting with light. While available light is often the palette from which most of our photographs are created, there are times when we want much greater control than we can ever have over the sun. Electronic flashes and continuous light sources provide just that.
  • Buyer's Guide 2007: Ultimate Systems

    Speed through digital darkroom work with these powerful computers

    If progress bars and spinning hourglasses are choking the fun out of your digital darkroom work, it may be time to upgrade your system. You can usually get a significant increase in performance by adding more RAM and a faster hard drive, but sometimes that's not enough.



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