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May 2007


  • Choosing The Right Digital Camera For You

    How to narrow the multitude of options? Consider your photography habits and the features you really need

    The more megapixels an image contains, and the less it's compressed, the more space it takes up on a memory card. So if you shoot RAW 10-megapixel images, you'll need high-capacity memory cards: at least 1 GB (gigabyte); a 2 GB or 4 GB card is even better.


  • Cool Gear: Mitsubishi PK20 Pocket Projector

    Getting a big, bright image has never been so small

    What fits in the palm of your hand, fills a 60-inch diagonal screen with a digital image at SVGA resolution and weighs in at just about one pound? The very cool Mitsubishi PK20 Pocket Projector. It's a DLP projector that uses eight LEDs to work its magic. The LEDs have a rated life of 10,000 hours (that's just about forever in dog years) and fully utilize Texas Instrument's Digital Light Processing technology to make the most of your digital images. DLP projectors, if you don't know, use an array of DMD (Digital Micro-Mirrors), each of which represents a single pixel. At the present time, it's the best image-display technology available.

  • May 2007
  • Toolbox: Photo Filters

    They may seem like old tech for the digital photographer, but traditional photo filters are still important photography tools

    One of the fastest, easiest ways to improve your digital photography is to understand and use traditional filters. Yes, imaging software can simulate the effects of some traditional photo filters, but this isn't ideal. Applying digital filters means spending a lot more time in front of a computer and less time behind the lens. As a general rule, there's no good digital substitute for capturing the image as you envision it right from the start. That's why filters are so important for all photographers. They help us to capture better digital files, making our editing work faster and more successful.


  • Short Reports: Canon PIXMA Pro9000

    This fast, pro-level inkjet does stunning large-format prints at an affordable price, and the bundled software makes great output easy

    Here's a large-format inkjet photo printer (up to 13x19 inches) that offers excellent image quality, lots of control when you want it and simple operation. Producing dynamite digital photo prints quickly, the Canon PIXMA Pro9000 uses 6144 nozzles to distribute eight long-lasting dye-based Canon ChromaLife 100 inks in precise two-picoliter droplets—some 11 million of them per square inch-on a variety of Canon photo papers. The inks are in separate tanks, so when one color runs low, you need only replace that color, not an entire color ink cartridge.


  • Digital Image Enhancement With Adobe Camera Raw

    The latest version offers terrific new tools and support for TIFF and JPEG

    Adobe Camera Raw rocks! RAW shooters know that. But get this-the new version of Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop CS3 isn't only for RAW shooters and wannabe RAW shooters who may have been intimidated by RAW image processing. This image enhancement tool is for all digital photographers, JPEG and TIFF shooters included. You see, the new Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), with all of its creative controls, actually lets you process JPEG and TIFF files, too. Who would have ever thought?
  • Make Your Best Prints Ever

    A step-by-step guide to perfect digital photo printing

    One of the great joys resulting from the change to digital compared to shooting film is the ability to get great photo prints optimized for the subject and photographer. Everyone who used to try to get a good, custom print from a slide or negative knows what a challenge that used to be. There were multiple visits to the lab when an image didn't print right and had to be reprinted. Or often, you'd just accept the print as is because it was "good enough," and any changes weren't worth the back-and-forth with the lab. You probably know what I'm talking about.

  • May 2007 HelpLine

    Making Workflow Work

        • Raw File Processing
        • The "Oh-Really?" Factor

  • True Colors Part 2

    Boost your HDTV's performance with this home theater colorimeter

    As prices have dramatically dropped, sales of high-definition televisions have skyrocketed. The chances are good that you already own an HDTV or are planning to buy one in the near future. And with new products like Apple TV and Windows Vista Media Center bringing your image libraries to your home theater, the long-promised convergence of computers and home entertainment is finally happening.
  • Ultimate Travel Photography

    Camera techniques to help you shoot like a pro on your next photo adventure

    Beryl Markham begins West with the Night, her wonderful and enthralling book about her adventures as a bush pilot in East Africa in the mid-1930s, with the question, "How is it possible to bring order to memory?"


  • First Look: Photoshop CS3 Beta

    The latest version is almost ready, with a streamlined workspace and new features you’ll definitely want to check out

    The long-awaited upgrade to Photoshop CS2 is finally on the way, which is especially great news for Mac users, as Photoshop CS3 will run natively on the latest Intel-based Mac systems. For Windows users, it's ready for Vista, too.


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