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March-April 2005

March-April 2005


  • Short Report: Canon PowerShot G6

    This compact digital camera includes advanced features and 7.1 megapixels

    Canon's latest G-series camera, the PowerShot G6, takes the advanced compact digital camera to a new level with its smart design, full range of features and 7.1-megapixel sensor. Offering all the photographic controls you'd expect from a digital SLR in a far more compact package, it's a camera you can take with you anywhere, always ready and highly capable.


  • March/April 2005
  • POWER GUIDE: Battery Options & Tips

    New batteries and chargers let you keep shooting and shooting and shooting...

    As digital photographers, we enjoy the freedom of working with a flexible, creative medium. Without batteries, though, our cameras and flash units would become high-tech paperweights. With the development of new batteries and chargers, there's now a great variety of power sources from which to choose. They offer vastly better performance than our old familiar standards. Here's how to choose among them, and how to get the best out of your batteries in the field.


  • Choosing A Camera For...

    What inspires you?

    We may share a passion for photography, but we don't all shoot the same subjects or like to work in the same way. Camera manufacturers understand this, and as most digital cameras now have ample resolution for excellent output, manufacturers are distinguishing their models by designing them for a variety of uses.

  • March/April 2005 HelpLine

    Memory Cards Vs. Film

        * When Digital Film Isn't Film
        * Caught In The RAW
        * Making It On Television
        * ƒ-Stop Exposé


  • Short Report: B+W Filters To Go

    The renowned optical filter maker debuts a digital offering of photoshop plug-ins

    It seems only natural that legendary optical manufacturer B+W would use its expertise to develop a set of software filters. Some of the filters stand in for glass filters you'd use over your camera lens, but many of the plug-ins go beyond that to provide effects that can be challenging to produce, even with image-editing software.


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