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March-April 2004

March-April 2004


  • Equipment TestDrive: Nikon D2h

    The new high-end digital-SLR from Nikon is built for shooting speed

    A new 4-megapixel sensor is at the core of the new Nikon D2h. Its predecessor, the Nikon D1h, was a very popular camera among action photographers, and what it lacked in ultra-high resolution it more than made up for in its ability to operate at high speeds. With the introduction of the D2h, Nikon takes aim once again at the high-speed action photographer.

  • Equipment TestDrive: Olympus E-1

    Check out the completely new digital-SLR system from Olympus

    The Olympus E-1 is a completely new "from the ground up," professional-level digital SLR. The camera represents one element in a new, complete system. Rather than take previous SLR bodies and lenses and convert them to digital, Olympus has chosen to start from scratch.

  • Equipment TestDrive: Pentax *ist D

    It may have the strangest name of any camera we’ve seen, but the new Pentax D-SLR is a capable camera

    The *ist D is the first digital SLR from Pentax. Weighing just 19.4 ounces and measuring 5.1x3.7x2.4 inches, it's considerably lighter than most current D-SLR models, but still has the functionality that you'd expect in a full-featured D-SLR.


  • March/April 2004 HelpLine

    A Change In Perspective

        * Correcting A Leaning Tower
        * Waiting For My Prints To Come
        * Inflating File Sizes
        * Driving Partitions
        * Keeping All Your Pixels

  • Trade Tricks: Getting Coverage

    Use professional motion picture techniques to improve your videos

    Though it's easy to believe that a movie is totally made on a location or set, a film actually comes together in the editing room. The shoot produces the raw material needed for the final result, but it's the editor who puts the pieces together into a seamless, interesting package. Yet, no matter how talented the editor, his or her skills mean little if he or she doesn't have enough to work with, and this applies to editing your own videos, too.


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