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June 2006


  • Where Are Digital SLRs Going?

    A conversation with Canon’s Chuck Westfall offers a glimpse of the future

    From the moment it was created, photography has been inseparably connected to technology. Born of light-sensitive substances coated on a metal plate and now evolved to today's CCD and CMOS sensors, photography's growth has been measured as much by its technological advances as it has by the creativity of its photographers.



  • Digital Darkroom: Windows On Your Mac?

    Apple's Boot Camp breaks down the barrier between the two rival systems

    Apple recently made a rather mind-blowing announcement: Intel-based Macs now permit loading and running Windows XP natively via Boot Camp software. Apple released a public beta version of the Boot Camp software and announced that its upcoming update to OS X, 10.5, or "Leopard" in its feline naming convention, will fully support a "dual boot" system. Leopard is due out in early 2007.

  • Toolbox: Inkjet Printers

    What you need to know about photo printers today

    For more than a decade, inkjet printers have provided photographers with a relatively inexpensive way to produce high-quality prints at home. The speed and convenience of being able to print your own images at your desktop, whenever you want, along with the control that doing it yourself offers, makes home printing well worth the investment in a printer, ink and paper.


  • Destination Anywhere

    From national parks to foreign lands, travel means new places and new sights for your camera. Here are tips on bringing home your best travel shots ever.

    Photographers love to travel and bring back images from the places they visit. This is part of the heritage of traditional photography. We love to see what our world looks like, even if we can't visit every location ourselves.

  • Fundamentals: Autofocus In Digital Cameras

    All you wanted to know about using AF that fits on one page

    There are two basic types of AF systems in wide use in digital cameras today. All of the D-SLRs use passive phase-detection AF, while most consumer models use passive contrast-based AF. "Passive" means the camera doesn't send a ranging beam out to the subject as do the "active" infrared (or near-infrared) AF systems used in many compact film cameras.

  • June 2006 HelpLine White Balance And RAW

        * Do You Need White Balance With RAW?
        * Protective Filters
        * Reboot For Performance
  • Posterize An Image

    Use this photoshop adjustment to add an artistic touch to a favorite shot

    Technically, the Posterize adjustment in Photoshop is designed to analyze the pixel colors of a selected area of an image and reduce the number of colors—while maintaining the "look" of the original image. Creatively, you can apply this adjustment to make photos look like wood-block color artwork.
  • Studio-Quality Lighting Made Easy

    Discover creative lighting effects for any budget

    At some point in time, many photographers decide to try their hand at portrait or studio work. After disappointing results with their camera's built-in flash, they begin to look into studio lighting solutions.

    Although the proper equipment makes it easier to get professional-quality results, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars. In fact, when you're just starting out, simpler is better.


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