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June 2004

June 2004


  • Short Report: Olympus C-8080

    This new 8-megapixel camera is feature-rich

    Olympus has designed a fine camera in the new 8-megapixel C-8080. After shooting with it for a while, I found the camera to be well worth considering, even if you don't need the added megapixels, just because of the rich feature set it offers.


  • Camcorder Travel Made Easy

    Learn how to effectively capture both still and video

    Up until a few years ago, there was no question—you used a still camera for stills and a video camera for motion. Now that boundary has blurred. Many digital still cameras have a Movie mode, and many digital video cameras include a still-photo button. So, when you want to travel light, can one camera do the job of two? As with most things in life, it depends.

  • June 2004 HelpLine

    Resizing Images

        * Disappearing Photos
        * IRIS In Digial Cameras
        * Acronym Acrimony

  • Trade Tricks: Underwater Digital For Travelers

    Create amazing images beneath the water’s surface with your digital camera

    If you've snorkeled or scuba dived on vacation, you already know about the amazing world that lies beneath the water's surface. The remarkable creatures and seascapes are so stunning that they beg to be captured in photographs. Thankfully, you don't have to be a professional photographer with expensive gear to take dramatic underwater images.


  • Reviews: 55mm Plug-In

    Gain high-level effects quickly and easily with Photoshop and other image-processing programs

    Plug-ins are useful accessories for your image-processing program. These small software programs work within the main program, using the host to do marvelous things with your images. Since plug-ins come with many different functions, you have to examine them carefully to see if they fit your needs.


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