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July-August 2009

July-August 2009


  • By Design: Pentax K7

    This top-of-the-line, weather-resistant D-SLR has hd video and a low price

    Looking for an SLR that’s built to withstand the elements? Pentax’s new top-of-the-line K-7 packs a 14.6-megapixel CMOS sensor, HD video capability, a 3.0-inch, high-res LCD and a host of pro features into a rugged, magnesium-alloy body that’s weather- and dust-resistant, all at a very good price.
  • Canon EOS Rebel T1i

    15.1-megapixel still images and full hd video for well under $1,000

    Canon’s EOS Rebel line of SLRs have been top sellers since the original 35mm EOS Rebel was introduced in 1990. The EOS Digital Rebel, which appeared 13 years later, was the first D-SLR to sell for under $1,000.


  • A Traveler’s Lens

    How digital tech and lens evolution work together for travel photography

    To outfit my first SLR, purchased in what seems like a hundred years ago, I acquired a 28mm and an 80-200mm zoom. Now, decades later, my basic travel kit still relies on two camera bodies and this simple lens combination; only today, the wide choice is a 10-20mm lens (to achieve the roughly 16mm view that I grew accustomed to with film) and a 70-300mm or 18-200mm zoom that I interchange, depending on how strong the lens needs to be for the subjects I’ll encounter.
  • July/August 2009


  • Auto FX Mystical Tint Tone And Color 2.0

    Quickly transform good photos into great ones with this collection of high-style digital effects

    Ever wonder how the pros create the cool photo effects you see on billboards and advertisements?
  • Awaken The Artist Within

    Plug in to the creative power of plug-ins

    The Beatles were wonderfully talented musicians and songwriters, creating original music that seems to never go out of style. On occasion, however, the Fab Four got a little help from their friends—friends who included music icons such as Eric Clapton and Billy Preston. Who knows, those friends may have inspired the song “With a Little Help from My Friends.”
  • Editing D-SLR Video

    Software to help you make something special with your video clips

    One of the most exciting recent advances in D-SLRs is the addition of HD video capture, allowing us to switch from multimegapixel stills to full-motion video on the fly.
  • Fast Photo Galleries

    Online image sharing in a few simple steps

    Creating a good image gallery doesn’t require any special expertise. The process has become as simple as only a few clicks with premade, professional-looking web gallery templates and optimized web formatting.
  • Flash Basics

    Use flash effectively to enhance the light

    An easy way to get started is to get a piece of foam board about 2x3 feet in size. This is a readily found size, and it’s small enough to easily use. Have someone hold it, or clamp or tape it to something on one side of your subject. Then use your off-camera flash and point it at the foam board from a distance of a couple of feet. You need to have it far enough from the reflector that it spreads out the light, but not so far that it spills over the edges. Move the reflecting board up and down, as well as side to side for different effects.
  • Gel The Light

    Add colored gels to your flash for creative effects

    Early in my career, I assisted numerous studio photographers to learn more about lighting. I wanted to master the secrets of capturing those stunning portraits and technical location shots. I soon realized two important things were happening in creating these images. First, the flash was being modified by umbrellas, softboxes, grids, beauty dishes and numerous other light-shaping tools. Second, the color of the flash was being changed by gels.
  • Manage Your Photo Library

    Use the sophisticated organization features of your photo software to simplify storing, sorting and finding your photos

    Make image management the first step in your workflow, and you’ll free yourself to spend more time doing the more interesting digital darkroom tasks.
  • Practical HDR

    What to do when the light is too extreme for one shot

    Sooner or later, a photographer will run into the brick wall of the limitations of the digital camera sensor. Sensors today are very good, but they’re incapable of capturing the full range of tonality—from extreme shadow to bright highlights—that our eyes can see.
  • Slideshows 2.0

    Considerations for shooting, editing and assembling photo presentations that entertain

    Creating a good slideshow isn’t just about putting together a group of shots. How those pictures relate and interact can make a big difference.
  • Sound Check

    Tips for better audio in your videos

    You have the perfect camcorder. You’ve invested in a good tripod that allows for a steady shot. The lighting is just right; the composition stunning.
  • Taking Stock

    Putting your photo skills to work for extra income

    If making money from your passion for photography has crossed your mind, there has never been a better time. The microstock boom has made it easier than ever for even casual photographers to sell images on the side and grow from there.
  • The Fine Art of Travel Photography

    Think like an artist—not a tourist—for great travel photos

    Beautiful landscapes and townscapes, as well as powerful environmental portraits and photo essays, can be obtained by anyone with a camera, a concept and the desire to do so. But how does one transcend the “I was here” imagery that’s often associated with travel photography and create fine-art images of places near and far?
  • Wedding Rescues

    Tips to enhance portraits and images from once-in-a-lifetime events

    When it comes to personal photographs, some of the most important images are those taken on a wedding day. That puts pros, as well as weekend wedding photographers, under a lot of pressure to get the shot.

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