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January-February 2012


  • How Sensors Stack Up

    Size matters in striking a balance between image quality and portability

    The concept behind the popular mirrorless, interchangeable-lens cameras was to create a truly compact camera that could produce DSLR image quality.
  • Winter-Ready Cameras

    The basics of shooting in inclement weather, and the gear that will help you do it

    Winter provides some great photo ops, but also some problems for the unwary photographer.


  • All About Lens Adapters

    What to know when you use these devices to expand your optical options

    If you use an interchangeable-lens camera, a simple accessory can broaden your creative possibilities.
  • January/February 2012


  • Toolbox: Outfit Your Flash

    Accessories give your flash powerful abilities for affordable and creative lighting solutions

    Learning how to control your light is the first step toward producing professional-looking images. This used to involve a complicated studio setup with strobes, power supplies and plenty of gear to shape your look


  • Four Seasons

    Enjoy photography year-round with tips tailored for each season

    Long before it's time to actually fire the camera, landscape photography requires you to make all kinds of considerations.
  • Monochromatic Love

    Exploring the virtues of a simplified palette

    I'm a big fan of black-and-white photography. Perhaps it's the poignancy that captivates me, or maybe the nostalgia factor.
  • Monumental Photos

    Tips to make great images of famous locations and landmarks

    Wherever they're located, the one thing that almost all monuments have in common is their size.
  • Punch Up The Color

    How to use color creatively for images that pop

    Color is a critical design element in an image. Some photographers, like Pete Turner and Eric Meola, have based their careers on photographing color. Color is their subject matter, not a supporting element.
  • The Unscripted Portrait

    Create candid portraits that convey authentic emotions and relationships

    People as photographic subjects are often far too aware of the lens. Point a camera at them, and they will automatically switch to smiling mode, a problem with which event and portrait photographers are all too familiar.
  • Think Like A Painter

    Kickstart creativity by approaching photography with a new mind-set

    When I give a workshop, I stress to my students the idea of thinking like a painter because painters see and paint light on canvas in a unique and artistic way.


  • Corel PaintShop Pro X4

    A redesigned interface, HDR processing, and new effects and filters round out this versatile image editor’s key features

    With a revised interface and several helpful new tools, Corel PaintShop Pro X4 is a significant upgrade from the previous version. The image management and editing software takes care of your organizing, editing and sharing needs.
  • Pixelmator 2.0

    Powerful photo editing for Mac at a very affordable price

    Now in its second version, Pixelmator debuted in 2007, but gained more notoriety with the launch of the Mac App Store in 2011.

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