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January-February 2010

January-February 2010


  • 10 Best New Camera Features

    New technologies are refining what’s possible

    The early generations of digital cameras focused mainly on matching the quality, speed and performance that photographers had come to expect from their film cameras.
  • Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000A

    The latest generation of Sanyo’s unique form-factor cameras boasts impressive still and HD-video capabilities


  • January/February 2010
  • Portable Studio

    Create dramatic portraits on the road with today’s lightweight equipment

    I spend much of my year traveling the globe creating images, from shooting editorial assignments in remote Honduran jungles to teaching photo workshops in the shifting sands of the Gobi Desert.
  • Toolbox: Memory Cards

    The newest high-res, HD-ready cameras get a boost from high-tech flash media

    Given the constant innovation in digital cameras—from super-high-resolution capture to full HD video and the constantly shrinking form factor—it’s increasingly important that media cards continue to get physically smaller, store more data more reliably and do it all blazingly fast.


  • 10 Tips For Better Travel Photos

    Bring home great shots of your once-in-a-lifetime adventures

    Whether you’re headed to the big city nearby or across an ocean, shooting on location is a lot of fun, and full of photographic possibilities. These tips will help prepare you to make the most of your camera as you explore.
  • 10 Top Portrait Tips

    How to pose and compose for character-revealing photos

    Since no single pose is perfect for every model, professional or otherwise, each person before your lens should be looked at individually to decide what to highlight and what to hide.
  • Exposure Rescues

    Save a good shot from a bad exposure

    A confession: I’ve made every photo mistake in the book. But, hey, I’ve been at this game for 331⁄3 years.
  • Haute Shot

    Seven Steps to transform a favorite photo into painterly art

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  • Master Depth Of Field

    Learn how to place and control your depth of field for creative focus control

    Depth of field (DOF) seems like a pretty straightforward thing, right?


  • 10 Essential Plug-Ins For Pro Results

    Achieve professional-quality image enhancement in photoshop with speed and ease

    Plug-ins provide fast, fun and effective ways to get stellar results from your image enhancements.
  • onOne Software: FocalPoint 2

    Add selective focus and realistic depth-of-field effects after one shot

    Achieve the popular look created by a tilt-shift or fast-aperture lens even if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy one right now with the second generation of onOne Software’s FocalPoint application.

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