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December 2011

  • onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite

    The software bundle puts a variety of photographic tools and tricks in one place

    Whether you're touching up a portrait, working with layers, resizing or adding special effects, onOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite 6 has you covered.

Buyer's Guides


  • Mirrorless Vs. DSLRs

    How does the hot new category of cameras stack up against traditional camera designs?

    For many years, the two most popular types of digital cameras have been compact models and digital SLRs. Each offers advantages over the other.


  • December 2011
  • The DSLR Microphone Guide

    Add a mic to your kit to get the sound that your videos deserve

    If you're a DSLR or mirrorless digital camera owner, there's a good chance that your camera also can capture high-definition video.


  • Toolbox: Ultraportable Laptops

    A new family of laptops are Thinner, lighter and more powerful—but are tablets better for photographers?

    Dubbed the "Ultrabook" class by Intel, who manufactures the processors behind much of the technology, the most diminutive laptops have seen some pretty dramatic changes over the last few years in terms of their performance and design.


  • Better Holiday Portraits

    10 tips to take your best family photos this season

    Holidays are a time when families gather, making it an ideal opportunity for family portraits. One of the nicest places for a family portrait is outside, but since winter weather doesn't always cooperate, it's often best to keep the shoot indoors.
  • Create A Time-Lapse Video

    It’s easier than ever to do with the latest digital cameras and basic software

    Using time-lapse photography, you can produce videos that are able to show the world in a way in which the human eye doesn't ordinarily see.
  • Drab To Fab

    Basic adjustments you can make for big impact!

    In this installment of Quick Fix, I'll cover some of my favorite Photoshop features.
  • Looking Beyond The Bloom

    Consider the cycles of life to find beautiful images year-round

    In many parts of the world, photography becomes much more of a struggle during certain seasons.
  • Make A Holiday Photo Gift

    Create custom-made presents for the holidays with help from an online service

    For photographers, the holidays present the perfect time for putting your work to good use by creating personalized gifts with your images as the focal point.
  • Sequence It!

    Combine action sequences into a single frame for a stunning shot

    The lip is a little sticky this morning. I'm only going to do this jump once," crackles over the radio. "Are you ready?"
  • Stop The Shakes

    Tips for getting your sharpest photos ever

    Switzerland is the perfect country for travel photography.


  • Color Efex Pro 4

    Color Efex Pro 4 a new version of one of our favorite plug-ins gets some key features

    Nik Software's Color Efex Pro is an easy-to-use plug-in with 55 unique filters that you can apply to your photos, from practical enhancements like Classical Soft Focus or Graduated ND to wilder effects like the new Dark Contrasts, which creates a hard-edged look similar to extreme HDR.

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