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December 2008

December 2008


  • D-SLRs + HD Video

    New cameras from Canon and Nikon are the first SLRs to include video

    Digital video has been a feature of compact digital cameras for years, and recently HD capture has become more common. This feature has now made its way to interchangeable-lens cameras. Though not a replacement for your dedicated HD camcorder, this opens up the possibility to make video part of your usual photography experience, with the added benefit and control of using the optics of your choice.
  • Next-Generation D-SLRs

    New models deliver technology advances for photographers of every level

    It has been three long years since Canon shook things up by introducing the first “affordable” full-frame D-SLR, the EOS 5D. Now its replacement is finally here. The new EOS 5D Mark II ups the resolution by 65%, adds full HD-movie capability and a lot more, all at a price $600 less than the original EOS 5D when it came out.
  • Olympus E-30

    Aimed squarely at enthusiasts, the latest SLR from Olympus offers several unique capabilities for creative expression

    The new E-30 fits into the Olympus D-SLR line-up between the pro E-3 and advanced-amateur E-520 models, but closer to the E-3. It offers the most megapixels of any Olympus D-SLR and is loaded with features aimed at the creative artist who likes to go beyond the straight shot.


  • 2009 Editor's Picks

    The PCPhoto editors pick some of the best products and technologies for the new year

    Looking for a perfect holiday gift for the “To Me, From Me” under the tree? We’ve compiled our annual list of a few of our favorite gear and accessories about which you’ll want to start dropping hints. From updated versions of essential tools to totally new ideas to make your photography more successful and enjoyable, this year’s list includes some of the most exciting technologies we’ve ever covered.

  • December 2008
  • Toolbox: Digital Photo Frames

    Share your images with the digital take on a familiar photo frame

    Despite the variety of options available for sharing images, nothing has the classical appeal of a photo frame, and digital has made the possibilities even more fun. Images can be presented on bright, vivid LCD screens in beautiful slideshows of single or multiple images. A variety of sizes are available for hanging on walls, placement around the house or on desks in the studio or office, and even as portable key chains. Uploading images often is as simple as plugging in a memory card, and modern digital photo frames can display images from wireless connections—one service even makes it possible to update a frame by telephone for family members who don’t have a computer.


  • D-SLR Facts

    10 things you should know about your digital SLR

    I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Camera’s don’t take pictures; people do.” Sure, that’s true, but you still need a camera to create a permanent record of your visual experiences. It’s also true that the more sophisticated the camera, the more creative control you can have over your photographs. However, all digital SLRs, from entry-level to high-end, share many features and functions. Some are obvious, and some happen behind the scenes.

  • December 2008: HelpLine

    Defining Terms

    Photography is a hobby of mine and I recently began researching submitting photos to stock companies. However, I have some questions about releases. Model releases are self-evident, but property releases seem a bit more complicated.

  • Polaroid In The Digital Age

    As a favorite film of many photographers is discontinued, learn how to keep the creative look alive in the digital darkroom

    “Due to marketplace conditions, Polaroid has discontinued almost all of its instant analog hardware products. Polaroid has also made the difficult decision to cease manufacturing of instant film products in 2008.” This announcement by Polaroid was an arrow through the hearts of many visual artists around the globe.

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Photos

    Cool enhancements for jazzing up digital images

    Check out my photograph of a young musician who was performing at a local park. My son thinks the photo rocks. He likes the spotlights shining on the subject, the blurred motion of the rocker’s hands and guitar, and the red-hot border that frames the image. He also likes the way I composed the picture, tilting my camera down to one side to create what’s called the disequilibrium effect. What’s more, he likes the way the young rocker is brighter than the background, which makes him stand out prominently in the scene.

  • Saving For The Web

    How to make your photos look their best when posting them online

    When making fine-art prints, more resolution is better, but on the web, it’s more complicated. You want to strike a balance between image dimensions, typical screen resolution and file size.
  • The Portrait Equation

    Five steps for better portraits

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple formula for creating striking portraits? There is! Follow these steps, and be on your way to making better portraits on your next shoot.


  • Photoshop CS4

    With improved tools, faster workflow and some new tricks

    Adobe has concentrated considerable effort on streamlining workflow in Photoshop CS4, from the easy integration of files between other CS4 programs to a simplified user interface and faster processing. Many older features have been vastly improved, as well, from the Dodge and Burn tools to Layers and Masking. In addition to refinements, Photoshop CS4 also includes new features for both enthusiasts and professionals alike, like the Depth-of-Field Extender and Content Based Scaling.
  • Silver Efex Pro

    Nik software brings control point technology to black-and-white conversion

    For fans of Nik Software’s intuitive U Point-powered Control Point technology, creating black-and-white images is made easier with Silver Efex Pro. If you’re new to Nik Software, Control Points let you apply adjustments selectively to particular areas of an image without needing to create complicated, sometimes time-consuming layer masks.

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