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December 2006

December 2006


  • High-Definition Video For Enthusiasts

    New cameras and software are making HD video capture and editing available to anyone

    Digital video has revolutionized video for the enthusiast, bringing with it many advantages: more capability, more control, more speed,higher quality and easier editing. The drawback has been that standard-definition (SD) video is standard TV resolution (640 x 480), while high-definition digital (HD) video has been too costly and complex for most nonprofessional applications.

  • Short Report: Nikon D80

    Small but powerful, the latest Nikon D-SLR offers a lot at an affordable price

    Much of my photography involves walking the streets of Los Angeles, looking at light, shapes and people, and searching for that special combination of just the right elements that make a memorable photograph. Carrying a huge pro-end D-SLR isn't necessary, though it may do wonders for my ego. Instead, a smaller camera with key features like those found in the new Nikon D80 often provides just the tools I need.


  • 2007 Editors' Choice Awards

    Our editors pick three dozen of their favorite products and technologies (just in time for last-minute holiday shopping)

    If you've grown weary of faking excitement over the new robe and slippers you usually get for the holidays, we're here to help. Our editors have chosen more than 30 new products that are sure to beat the perennial one-size-fits-all gifts. No need to be subtle-grab a pen and circle the good stuff really big, then leave the magazine, opened to this page, in a "casually" conspicuous place. Better yet, download the PDF of this article online at www.pcphotomag.com and print copies for everyone on your list. All you'll have left to do is practice faking surprise: "Oh, wow! How did you know?"

  • Cool Gear: LightScribe

    Throw away the magic markers and sticky paper—LightScribe technology labels CDs and DVDs in a way you've never imagined

    LightScribe is an exciting new technology that employs the combination of a specially modified CD or DVD writer, dedicated media and specialized label-authoring software to burn graphics or text labels directly onto the surface of a disk. The results look great and, most importantly, are absolutely permanent. The label is laser-etched into the media, so there's no ink or smear. Finally, freedom from cryptic, handwritten paper labels that can peel off or become gummy after a few spins. Look for the LightScribe logo the next time you buy a PC or CD/DVD writer.

  • December 2006


  • 4 Fundamental Photoshop Skills

    Learn these essential tools and techniques and you'll be equipped for most common image enhancements

    Photoshop and other sophisticated image-editing applications can be overwhelming at first. The surest way to get comfortable working with them is to begin by mastering a few of the techniques you'll use most often. Once you've achieved some success with them, you'll have a solid foundation for exploring the rest of the software's tools. We've chosen four key skills that you'll need for the most common image enhancements to help you get started.

  • Fine-Art Conversion

    Turn a fun snapshot into an art shot

    Recently, my good friend Karen Ippolito e-mailed me a fun self-portrait. Karen is a good photographer and a talented artist who has taken many creative photographs with her Canon EOS 5D. However, for this self-portrait, she used a tiny point-and-shoot digital camera.


  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0

    Powerful new tools and fun features make this version of Photoshop Elements well worth the upgrade

    Every release of Adobe Photoshop Elements raises the bar a bit more and brings the feature set closer to its big brother, Photoshop CS2. Elements 5.0 is no exception, with a number of enhancements that will appeal to both casual and serious photographers, as well as a new group of users who have avoided traditional digital-imaging software in the past. The latest release (currently Windows only) makes organizing and editing images easier and gives you more control over advanced image corrections than in previous versions.

  • Favorite Photoshop Plug-Ins

    Discover the power of photo-centric add-ins

    For all its power and capability, Photoshop is a program that can leave a photographer's eyes glazed over. The seemingly endless assortment of features and different ways to achieve similar results can lead many of us to spend more time emptily gazing into a computer monitor rather than creating images behind a camera. Enter Photoshop-compatible plug-ins—tools that make photo editing simpler, more efficient and intuitive.


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