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December 2004

December 2004


  • First Look: Nikon D2x

    The high-performance camera provides instant power-up and a fast 37 ms shutter lag. The continuous firing mode delivers 5 fps for 15 consecutive NEF images. The 6.8-megapixel High Speed Cropped mode provides 8 fps for 25 NEF images.


  • December 2004 HelpLine

    Cold Weather And Digital Cameras

        * Winter Wondering
        * Changing Backgrounds
        * Cropping Problems?
        * Resampling For Size

  • Trade Tricks: A Personal Photo Book

    Display and store large prints in a way that’s both archival and convenient

    Now that archival-quality, large-format prints cost only a few dollars and can be produced quickly, I find myself creating many more prints than I'm able to frame and display. The cost of framing prints hasn't declined, nor do I have much wall space left in my home to display my newly printed images.


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