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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New DxO Optics Pro v4.5 Features Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Plug-in

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new dxo opticsParis, France - June 26, 2007 - DxO Labs today announces the immediate availability of the new version of its flagship product - DxO Optics Pro v4.5 - for both Windows and Macintosh computer systems. Enriched with exclusive features including an Adobe Photoshop Lightroom plug-in, DxO Optics Pro v4.5 software demonstrates DxO's continued commitment to providing photographers worldwide with an unrivalled set of digital imaging software tools.

DxO Optics Pro v4.5 features the first third-party plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
DxO Labs once again pioneers compatibility with Adobe technologies for demanding digital photographers. With the release of version 4.5, DxO Optics Pro offers the first-ever third-party plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Photographers can now integrate DxO Optics Pro and Lightroom into their workflow:
• Via the exclusive "DxO Optics Pro Plug-in" in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, users can send their images straight from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to DxO Optics Pro for processing and save corrected files directly into their Lightroom library (with the image metadata intact).
• Via the "Export to Lightroom" feature within the stand-alone version of DxO Optics Pro v4.5 which enables users to send their images directly to an Adobe Photoshop Lightroom library.
Of course, DxO Optics Pro v4.5 remains a stand-alone application as well as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop.

€œDxO's goal is to enrich and support the workflow platform that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom provides today's professional photographers. The new DxO Optics Pro Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the first step in tightly integrating DxO image science into this very popular photographic software embraced by photographers around the world," says Luc Marin, vice president of the Photography business at DxO Labs. "In order to provide this support for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom so quickly we were able to creatively develop the plug-in for Lightroom before the software developer's kit, or SDK, was even available to us .Once the SDK is made available, we will engineer an even more elegant plug-in solution than it is already and completely maximize the interoperability of these two digital imaging tools. Of course, we will continue to focus on our forte, advanced automated image processing, and we will integrate with other software when it makes sense.

The Flickr Export Plug-in now available
DxO Optics Pro v4.5 includes the previously announced free Flickr Export plug-in allowing automatic login, tagging and fast uploading of DxO Optics Pro processed images to Flickr.com, the wildly popular photo-sharing Web site.

More automatic features
DxO Optics Pro, known for its automatic image correction and enhancements, now features another automatic function: Automatic Crop. DxO Optics Pro v4.5 maximizes the remaining image surface, respects the height/width ratio and preserves the geometric center of the image providing users with an immediate view of the final effect of the crop. This feature is particularly useful on a batch of images that have been corrected for horizon alignment or perspective, for example.

Faster, ever faster...improvements to RAM usage and GPU implementation
DxO Labs' talented engineering team has made DxO Optics Pro v4.5 faster and more efficient. RAM usage is more economical (up to 50% gain) and, with the beginning of Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) implementation, there are significant display speed gains-of up to 50%-depending on the user's hardware. DxO Optics Pro performs a huge amount of processing on images due to the number of automated correction features available - so improving performance is always high on our list. Now, in version 4.5 we're taking advantage of the available power in the computer's GPU or video-card to accelerate some specialized imaging functions," explains Luc Marin.


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