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Friday, August 8, 2008

New Contrast Enhancement Plug-in

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ContrastMaster offers six modes from the simple Novice mode to the sophisticated Expert Mode. Whereas Novice and Expert mode let you apply all contrast effects at the same time, the remaining four modes let you apply each of the three local effects and all the global effects individually. Moving the mouse over a control displays a detailed explanation in the Help box, so you don't need to read the manual before using ContrastMaster.
Each of the seven tab sheets offers a button menu with various local presets for quickly applying useful settings. Furthermore, there is a global preset feature that allows you to save and reuse useful settings later. Several global presets are already delivered with ContrastMaster. There is a FX Values check box on the Prefs tab for using strong instead of medium effect intensities as the defaults. That way people who mainly want to produce special effects with ContrastMaster do not need to readjust sliders all of the time. ContrastMaster also lets you adjust up to three different effect settings at the same time and switch between them by using the Preview tab sheets, so you can experiment with different effect settings and conveniently compare them without leaving the ContrastMaster dialog.
You can also use ContrastMaster to give a single photo the look of a HDR image while avoiding the overhead of HDR photography. With its masking options you often do not need to create selections or layer mask for selectively applying the ContrastMaster effect, which saves you a lot of time. ContrastMaster also offers special features that are not found in most other tools, e.g. spilt views, logged settings, 17 histogram types, own defaults, blown highlights detection, rendering time estimation, novice/expert modes, local presets and preview tab sheets.
Availability & System Requirements

ContrastMaster is available for Windows. A Macintosh version is planned for the end of the year. ContrastMaster sells at $69.95 (Regular License) or $39.95 (Academic/Educational License). It can be purchased at http://www.thepluginsite.com/products/photowiz/. A demo version can be downloaded at the same URL.



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