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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tamron Announces the AF18-270MM Di II VC Ultra High Power Zoom Lens

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7. Thorough countermeasures, including advanced internal surface coatings, prevent ghosting and flare


Tamron employs multi-layer coatings in order to reduce reflections on lens surfaces as well as internal surface coatings (coatings on the cemented surfaces of lens elements) in order to minimize reflections from the sensor itself within the mirror box, a problem inherent to all digital SLR cameras.

8. The world's first and greatest zoom power of 15X plus built-in VC mechanism achieved along with a remarkably slim maximum diameter of less than 80mm

Designing a lens with the world's first and greatest zoom ratio of 15X inevitably entailed a larger travel distance of the components within the optical systems, but Tamron has successfully accommodated the optical system as well as the special VC mechanism in a remarkably compact and slim package by employing mechanical design technology accumulated over many years. The result: A slim design measuring less than 80mm in diameter despite the fact that it is an ultra high power zoom lens that incorporates a VC mechanism. Production engineering this unique zoom lens meant incorporating complex optical/mechanical components, and Tamron's engineers had to employ innovative manufacturing techniques including methods of further enhancing accuracy, reducing weight, and increasing the strength of many components.

Note: In order to achieve the world's first and greatest zoom ratio of 15X, metal mounts are used in both Canon- and Nikon-mount lenses.

9. Zoom lock mechanism for convenience in carrying the outfit

The lens has a built-in zoom lock mechanism to prevent its barrel from sliding forward when the lens is being carried on the camera.

10. Flower-shaped lens hood as a standard accessory

The lens is supplied with a flower-shaped lens hood as a standard accessory. It is designed to efficiently cut harmful light entering at angles other than intended angles at all four corners of the frame. This ensures clear, flare-free images.

11. New outer design matches the newest generation high power zoom lens in the digital era
•    The lens employs a new outer design that is more refined and smoother in its overall contours by minimizing concavity, convexity, and variations in profile in order to match the latest digital SLR cameras.
•    A gold-colored metal ring is placed at a key portion of the lens as used in other Di II lenses. The "TAMRON" logo placed in the center portion of the lens enhances visibility of the brand while refining the overall design.
•    Delicate matte finish is added to the black painting over the lens barrel in order to enhance the high quality appearance of the lens.
•    The textured rubber pattern of the zoom and focus control rings has been improved again to a more pronounced, easy to grasp design than the conventional rubber pattern, for better feel and touch in manipulating the lens.


Focal Length: 18-270mm
Maximum Aperture: F/3.5-6.3
Angle of View: 75°33' (equivalent angles of view when converted to 35mm)
Lens Construction: 18 elements in 13 groups
Minimum Focus Distance: 0.49m/19.3" (over the entire zoom range)
Maximum Magnification Ratio: 1:3.5 (at f=270mm and 0.49m MFD)
Filter Diameter: 72mm
Overall Length: 101.0mm/3.8"*
Maximum Diameter: 79.6mm
Weight: (TBA)
Diaphragm Blade: 7 blades
Minimum Aperture: F/22
Standard Accessory: Flower-shaped lens hood
Mount: For Canon and Nikon
*The values given are the lens for Nikon.
*The cosmetic design, specifications and performance are subject to change without notice.




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