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Thursday, February 8, 2007

New Canon ZR Series Entry Level Camcorders

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The 2007 ZR series camcorders offer genuine Canon 35x optical zoom lens (1000x digital zoom), which is Canon's longest optical zoom on a camcorder to date. Sophisticated yet simple to use, Canon's Smooth Zoom feature actually reduces the erratic, jerky zoom techniques that plague some users of long zooms, smoothing out the process by selecting from one of three pre-set zoom speeds. For even smoother video, Canon Image Stabilization helps provide a shake free image for the entire focal length.

Because the right features can help any user compose shots like a Hollywood director, Canon has incorporated a level marker and added a new grid marker to the easy mode feature mix. When engaged, the markers appear - in either white or gray - superimposed over the image on the camcorder's display. The level marker appears as a horizon line to easily let the user know if the camera is being kept level, while the grid marker effectively divides the image into nine equal rectangular segments, making it easier for the user to compose a more appealing and effective shot.

Never Miss a Moment
This year, Canon introduces the Quick Start feature, which allows the camcorder to be ready at a moments notice. The Quick Start mode (available on the ZR850 and ZR830 Mini-DV camcorders) provides an alternative to the standard limited "on/off" option and lets users put the camcorder on "standby" between shots. Once on standby, users can resume shooting quickly - in less than one second - meaning no more missing the first moments of the school play while the camcorder warms up.

Quick Start's "standby" capability also means that the camcorder does not waste battery power by repeatedly turning on and off. Canon ZR Mini-DV camcorders can remain in Quick Start mode for 30 minutes before automatically shutting off.

The Canon ZR800 Mini-DV Camcorder also offers a microphone terminal, allowing users the added flexibility of plugging in an external microphone.

The Canon ZR850 Mini-DV Camcorder provides a built-in Video Light to help ensure that users do not miss a thing, even when the natural lighting is less than ideal. It also offers a 1.07 megapixel CCD Image Sensor to be sure that all still and moving images captured are of a higher quality.




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