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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Latest Pentax Digital Cameras Offer New Features And Slim Design

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Sleek, New, Textured Design
The Optio M series compact digital camera exterior has been redesigned.  Powered by an exclusive ultra-thin battery and featuring a miniaturized circuit board, the M30 body is a slim 0.7 inches (18mm). A high-quality aluminum alloy texture gives the camera a sophisticated design.

Digital Shake Reduction
The Optio M30 features a Digital Shake Reduction mode to adjust the camera sensitivity to as high as ISO 3200 to match the brightness of the subject. Even in low-light conditions, this feature increases shutter speed to help reduce blurring and improves image flash image capture for subjects at a distance in dark locations.

Auto-macro function
The Optio M30 is equipped with a new Auto-Macro Ffunction that enables close-up photography up to a minimal distance of 4.0 inches (10 cm). The Auto-Macro function allows the camera to determine the distance from the subject, and even while in the normal focus mode, and automatically switche the focus range to macro mode.

Face Recognition AF and AE
The Optio M30 is equipped with a "Face Recognition AF & AE" function* that automatically detects and focuses on faces regardless of where the people appear in the photo frame. In addition, optimal exposure settings are automatically conducted so that the areas with faces are not darkened even if there is backlighting.
* Available when the photography mode is "Portrait" and the camera is directed at people from the front.

Auto Picture mode automatically determines the best settings for the shooting conditions
The Auto Picture mode lets the camera automatically determine the shooting conditions for Landscape, Portrait, Night Scene, and Program modes and choose the optimum settings for each subject. This PENTAX original function makes photography a lot easier for users since it eliminates the necessity of making a number of individual settings.

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