Room For Improvement

Don’t give up on an image when one element or another isn’t cooperating—consider transforming color photos to monochrome
By Tracey Clark Of Shutter Sisters
Being intentional with my photography is always in the forefront of my mind. My creative process, like many artists, often includes careful consideration and a lot of forethought. In my professional work, that can translate into plotting, planning and time-consuming setup. I can recall working in the studio, capturing portraits…

Shooting A Series

Ordinary moments become a collection of family treasures
Text & Photography By Meredith Winn
Long before the days of #hashtags, dipping back in time when social media was a new phenomenon, photographers shot in series to collect a grouping of “similars”—images that documented a specific location or subject over time. This is an interesting practice that not only shows how you grow as a…

The Best Lights For Matching Ambience

Easily match ambient light, from tungsten to daylight, with a bi-color LED
By William Sawalich
In recent years, more and more of my portrait clients have shied away from formal, studio-style poses and lighting, preferring instead a natural, realistic appearance. That means more often I’m working with ambient light—be it daylight, window light, or tungsten-lit interiors—and augmenting it with my own source. In the old…

The Best Way To Meter Exposure

What you need to know about handheld light meters
By William Sawalich
Your camera is smart and it gets the exposure nailed 99% of the time. But when you’re a control freak like me, you want absolute dominance over every aspect of your exposure process. And that means you want to be able to effectively meter the light and dial in a…

Creativity Unleashed!

10 simple techniques to develop your photographic vision
Text & Photography By Tom Bol
“You’re either born with it or you’re not.” This assertion about creativity has haunted many photographers through the years. If you were really lucky, you were born with this power. You simply grab a camera, point it at a subject, and miraculously every image is worth framing. It doesn’t matter…

The Importance of Preparation (Sort of)

The Secret to Photo Shoot Success: Have a plan, but remain flexible
By William Sawalich
I’ve long been a believer in being really prepared for my photography assignments. Whatever I may be shooting, I want to have gone over the whole plan in my mind ahead of time, I want to have visualized the shots I plan to make, and I want to make sure…
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