Always Be Sharpening

Raw image files are great, but they come out of the camera half-baked. If you’re not sharpening your RAW image files, your images won’t look their best.
By William Sawalich
Last month I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some rare birds—raptors, owls and eagles—at a wildlife rehabilitation facility. With a long zoom in hand and a light snow falling, I managed to get a few interesting photos, one of which is included here. I knew…

Light Fantastic

Capturing the magic of nighttime photography
Text & Photography By Meredith Winn
Exploring the world at night with your camera opens up many fun opportunities to play with exposure. Chasing light outside is an excellent way to learn more about your camera settings while creating artistic images. Long exposures, bokeh effects and painting with light are just a few ways to get…

Options For Instant-Print Cameras

A guide to great compact cameras that make small prints on the spot
By William Sawalich
I recently gave my daughter an instant-printing point-and-shoot camera. Seeing how much she loved it, and what a kick she got from making actual photographic prints, reminded me just how much fun I’ve had with instant-printing cameras—especially since the digital era has largely erased the fun of cheap, quick prints…

Onward And Upward

Simple strategic moves that can help you get focused, inspired and noticed
By Tracey Clark Of Shutter Sisters
The desire and drive to continually improve one’s craft is something that creatives share. It’s as though there’s always the next skill to master, the next step to take or the next level to reach. There are infinite ways to grow and evolve as artists, photographers and businesspeople, but it’s…

Gear For The Soulful Photographer

Shooting with equipment that complements your individual aesthetic can lead to images with more depth and meaning
By Alessandra Cave
“Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gismos. Photography is about photographers. A camera didn’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel.” —Peter Adams, Sydney, 1978 When we make the decision to take our passion for photography to the next level, our first instinct…

Lightroom’s Awesome Painter Tool

Better organize and edit images with that strange little spray paint can
By William Sawalich
One day you'll look at your screen while Lightroom is in Library mode, and you’ll think to yourself, “Why is there a can of spray paint at the bottom of the preview pane?” Lightroom’s spray paint can isn’t for painting pictures in Develop mode. It’s actually very useful when it…
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