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If moving pictures are your passion, our video tips are here to help. Learn video shooting and editing techniques to help you make a video you can be proud of.

Thinking In Video
10 tips for still photographers with video-capable cameras
Thinking In VideoChances are, if you recently bought a digital still camera, it also has the ability to shoot video.

Converting Video Formats
File formats and compression can be tricky. Here’s how to get started finding a workflow that works for you.
Converting Video FormatsThere’s an old saying that says, “The good thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from!” That’s appropriate when you work with video. There’s no single, universal standard that fits every situation.

Editing D-SLR Video
Software to help you make something special with your video clips
Editing D-SLR VideoOne of the most exciting recent advances in D-SLRs is the addition of HD video capture, allowing us to switch from multimegapixel stills to full-motion video on the fly.

Sound Check
Tips for better audio in your videos
Sound CheckYou have the perfect camcorder. You’ve invested in a good tripod that allows for a steady shot. The lighting is just right; the composition stunning.

Trade Tricks: Shoot For The Edit
Create more interesting video using these simple and effective tips
Trade Tricks: Shoot For The Edit

You're on a dream vacation in Europe, on a walking tour of an old walled city. You've got your camcorder, so naturally you want to tape everything. But will you want to watch everything again?

Trade Tricks: Getting Coverage
Use professional motion picture techniques to improve your videos
Trade Tricks: Getting Coverage

Though it's easy to believe that a movie is totally made on a location or set, a film actually comes together in the editing room. The shoot produces the raw material needed for the final result, but it's the editor who puts the pieces together into a seamless, interesting package. Yet, no matter how talented the editor, his or her skills mean little if he or she doesn't have enough to work with, and this applies to editing your own videos, too.

Camcorder Travel Made Easy
Learn how to effectively capture both still and video
Camcorder Travel Made Easy

Up until a few years ago, there was no question—you used a still camera for stills and a video camera for motion. Now that boundary has blurred. Many digital still cameras have a Movie mode, and many digital video cameras include a still-photo button. So, when you want to travel light, can one camera do the job of two? As with most things in life, it depends.

Shot Selection For Better Video
How you shoot video affects how you edit it. The new JVC Everio camcorder makes shot review easy.
Shot Selection For Better VideoWhen you're videotaping an event, whether a political campaign, a soccer game or a birthday party, you need to capture a variety of images to have some good material to edit. For most people to enjoy sitting through a lengthy video, it has to be a compelling event (such as a grandchild's soccer game for a grandparent).

HD Video Primer
HD Video PrimerDuring the early days of digital camera development, product design teams learned that the ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) that provided the brainpower for digital still cameras could be mutated to offer video capture features. Good news, eh? No, not really—not at the time.

Point Of Focus

From quick shooting tips to insights on composition and lighting, Digital Photo's hot new column "Point Of Focus" will help you become a better photographer.


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