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Sunday, February 24, 2008

White Balance Creativity - 2/25/08

Use custom white balance settings to add a colorful twist to otherwise bland shots

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blueSome days I feel blue. Downtrodden and depressed, I can make myself feel a little better by making my photos blue, too. Or red if I'm angry. Or any other color to match any other mood I'm in. So many times we think about camera white-balance features just for making our photographs neutral or "correct"-appropriately matched to the color temperature of the light source we're shooting under. But it's easy to add an additional dimension of both graphic and emotional impact to your photos by simply tweaking the white balance during exposure. Even better, if you shoot RAW, you can make these tweaks in the computer after capture for even more accuracy and fine-tuning. The point is this: sometimes an image should look hot, or cool, or calm, or frenetic. What better way to help deliver those messages than by adjusting the white balance toward red or blue or cyan or yellow? There's no limit to the color changes you can make by using "incorrect" white balances, and they can run the gamut from subtle to wild. It all depends on the mood you're in.


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